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  1. Nelson, BC - Canada / PNW VFRDiscussion Meet 2016 - Kootenay Hootenanny - July 22-24 ** Confirmed Agenda - Posted July 4, 2016 Signature Badge - - http://i.imgur.com/sWQFjlv.jpg Friday - Arrivals Snacks, Drinks and Beer for afternoon arrivals at the Dancing Bear Inn Group Dinner at Mike's Pub - Hume Hotel - 422 Vernon St. - 7:30 pm Saturday - Group Breakfast and Riding Group breakfast at the General Store Restaurant - front of Hume Hotel - 422 Vernon St. - 9:00 am (civilized start time) - buffet of scrambled eggs, bacon, sausage, hash browns, fruit and coffee and tea in a private grand meeting room. Snacks, Drinks and Beer for those who arrive back at the Dancing Bear Inn early or take short rides Group Dinner at The Royal Pub and Grill - 330 Baker Street - 7:30pm until 10:00pm - music (live musician - Bocephus King - blues, pop, rock) - food paid for by your fees (regular menu) ** Just have to confirm with the owners that the bookings are still on. Talking to them in Nelson (July 4-5) Also, I've picked a 9:00am start for breakfast to allow us all to get a civilized sleep and start in the morning. Most of the rides in the area are 4-6 hours (tops). So that'll give you plenty of time to eat, prepare and head out with a small group. Also, I know for 'type A' organizers that everyone wants riding groups and leaders, etc. The last meet went really well with riders making their own groups of 4-6 people and choosing their own routes along with places to stop for lunch in Kaslo or New Denver, or some returning mid-afternoon back to Nelson and picking a spot. I like things to be less regimented and planned and give people time to go see what they'd like to see with like-minded individuals in their group. Plus, I spend the entire year as a teacher organizing field trips and groups and this is the one time I'd like to just let things be more organic and work themselves out. :) I'll post some basic maps soon and bring printed copies for everyone. ---------------------------------- Parking A couple of notes for when you arrive on Friday. There's parking on the front driveway, behind the building, and as things fill up, directly in front of the hostel on the street. There's also a parking lot across the street that is the Best Western's but I haven't confirmed if they are okay with us parking bikes there (although I did a couple of weeks ago without incident - do so at your own risk, or, ask them for permission - they're right next door). Check-in Check in with us on the patio for your swag bag, name tag and have a brew or drink and food on the patio. I'll be there about 2pm - official check-in is 4pm so take your time arriving - no rush. Room Assignments Below is the list of folks and their rooms at the Dancing Bear hostel. Let me know if I've made any errors. You lucky buggers in the dorms have the whole place to yourselves. :) Room Assignments – Kootenay Hootenanny – July 22-24, 2016 Rooms First Name Twin 1 Tracey Twin 1 Paul Twin 2 Kevin Twin 2 Kevin Twin 3 Jeff Twin 3 Randall Twin 4 Al Twin 4 Al Twin 5 Mark Twin 5 Mark Double 1 Mike Double 1 Fiona Double 1 Niko Double 2 Rob Double 2 Craig Double 3 David Double 3 Emily Semi-Private 1 Gary Semi-Private 1 Mike Semi-Private 1 Ian Semi-Private 1 Christian Semi-Private 2 Derek Semi-Private 2 Derek Semi-Private 2 Tammy Semi-Private 2 Tammy Dorm (4 bunks) James Dorm Mike T. Dorm (4 bunks) Terry Dorm Phil ---------------------------------- Thanks for all the input from the various members that showed interest in attending. We have had two previous meets in Nelson, BC that have been a lot of fun and had excellent turn out (25-35 members). It's been a few years since the last meeting and time to head back out to Nelson for some riding, good conversation and hijinks (Gary). Location Nelson, BC - heart of the interior of BC - several really fantastic ride routes in and around the town of Nelson, BC and through Washington state, Alberta and BC. Here's some information on the area from BC Tourism - Nelson, BC Dates July 22-24, 2016 Accommodation - Dancing Bear Inn - Youth Hostel (updated May 29, 2016) T-shirt Orders - Samples (Cotton Gildan Super T-shirt) ** Register online at: Eventbrite - Kootenay Hootenanny 2016 beginning December 8, 2016. Registration closes on May 15, 2016 T-shirt Orders close on February 29, 2016 This meet we're going to try something a little different. The previous meets have had the majority of members stay at a local hotel which has been an excellent base. This time around I've found a great little hostel with reasonable rates that will allow us to book the entire facility for the entire weekend. We will be staying at the Dancing Bear Inn Youth Hostel. It offers reasonably priced accommodations, good facilities and is in the centre of the town close to restaurants, pubs and sights. The nice thing is they have dorm style rooms for those who would like to stay on the cheap and private rooms or doubles for families or those who require more privacy. Costs for Accommodations The event booking site is all ready to go. As much as I am a socialist, I didn't think it was fair to have everyone pay the same rate for dorms or smaller group accommodations. So I've created a slight tier structure. That way the more private rooms pay a tiny bit more than those in dorm rooms and we all cover the costs of the facility. The building actually holds 43 but I've set the limit at 40 that way the dorm rooms will have three less people. The rates are as follows: * Full ** Shared/Roommate ** – Twin" Rooms ($80.00 for two nights)- Twin Rooms info - sleep two on bunk beds are $80.00 for the weekend, select two from the dropdown menu for a room to yourself ** One Space Left ** - "Double" Rooms ($77.00 for two nights) - Double Rooms info - sleep two on bunk beds and the bottom bunk is wider which would allow for a parents and a kid and are $77.00 for the weekend, or it would work for someone who wants only one roommate (pay for two spots then), ** not enough room for three grown men** ** Full ** "Semi-private" Rooms ($75.00 for two nights) - sleep four on two bunk beds per room and have an adjoining room with the same set up and are $75.00 for the weekend ** 14-15 Spaces Left ** "Dorm" Rooms ($60.00 for two nights) - Dorm Rooms info - sleep eight people on four bunk beds per room and are $60.00 for the weekend ** If you desperately want a room to yourself or you are sharing with your spouse choose the "twin" option and book two (2) from the drop down menu. Effectively, you would take two spots in one room - $150.00 for the weekend. For any of the room bookings select your preferred size and the number of people. One person = one number from the drop down menu. If you are booking for two in any of the room types select two. Hopefully that's pretty self-explanatory. It will be on a first-come, first-served basis. The early birds get the worms and the smaller rooms. Just got the final numbers from the hostel. Ideally if we aim for more than 25 riders it's a great deal. The total for the two nights is $2300CDN which amounts to about $75.00/person including room tax and GST - pretty good deal and about $50-60/night cheaper than any hotel in the area (our other hotel choice is $90+/night plus taxes and GST). If we have more than 25 riders it gets significantly cheaper (at 25 riders we break even). The hostel actually has accommodation for 40 people. Plus, we have the entire building to ourselves - there will be no other guests in the facility. Boss! I have stayed here several times myself on trips to Nelson or on the way home from longer rides. It is quaint, homey, clean and feels like staying in a guest house or with a friend. A really comfortable place. If you have stayed in youth hostels before you'll know the feeling and what they are like for accommodations - this is one of the nicest ones I've stayed at. The facility has a private patio/deck area with barbecue. There's a library and lounge area. Parking onsite with additional parking on the street and across the street in a parking lot. For those of you who are used to having your own bathroom, you'll have to forgo one while you're here. There are shared facilities and showers, but I've never found that to be a problem, especially when you consider the price of lodging. ** I'll do my best with the rooms that are available to put people in single, double and multi accommodation on a first come first served basis. Given that it is not a hotel there is a portion of each of these rooms available and when they fill up we'll move to some of the larger shared room accommodations. Alternate Accommodation Those wishing to stay elsewhere have several options that are all within a short walk and in the town centre: The Adventure Hotel - previous meet location The Hume (only drawback is no air conditioning - it's hot in the summer) - very nice historic hotel and a great place for breakfast Mountain Hound Inn - cool little historic building that has been turned into a hotel Best Western - it's a Best Western, if you like the big chains for consistency (same everywhere) Contact Information If you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to contact me by email: superfunkomatic@gmail.com. I'd like to ensure that this meet is as much fun as the previous two so I'm open to suggestions. Gifts, Donations and Swag Last meet we did well from the kindness of strangers for donations of riding apparel, tools, books, gift certificates and the like. If you happen to have any contacts or would like to donate to our dinner prize raffle please let me know. I've put a donations area on the payment site. If you'd like to make a donation I'll put it towards gifts, gift certificates and the like for the prizes. Dinners and Gatherings On Friday and Saturday we'll assemble as a group. Have a few pops and dinner together and generally socialize. I'll let you know about where we'll meet and meals when I've done a bit more scouting around. I'll see if we can try some new establishments this time but as backups Mike's pub in the Hume has been a great meeting place before. More when I do some investigating (maybe as late as a spring ride out there). ** I'm also looking into the idea of having food ordered in or having a BBQ buffet right at the Dancing Bear Inn for the Friday night. I'll keep you posted. Members Attending Members coming so far (updated July 20, 2016): Superfunkomatic + family (Organizer) DigitallyHip + family - C – P SquamishVFR - C - P BCAI - C - P 34468Randy - C - P V-Fore - C - P Polarbear - C - P BCmcrider - C - P Didit - Alt. Accomod. - C - P CVVFR - Alt. Accomod. -C - P JViffer - C - P Tyke - C - P Steve B - C - P VoiceofFire - C - P VFR800Canuck - C - P Cageless in Seattle - C - P JimBob - C - P Axel-7 and Tammy - C - P Blackhole - Alt. Accomod. - C - P Maxswell - C - P YYCviffer + Paulette -Alt. Accomod. - C - P VF1000Fe - Alt. Accomod. - C - P Auggius - Local Rider - C - P Q-Dawg + Erin - Alt. Accomod. - C - P Belfry - C - P Sparrow75 - Alt. Accomod. - C - P MarkinReno - C - P Craig - C - P Dfnsmn69 - C Choco - C (Alt. Accommodation) Bizbat - C (Alt. Accommodation) Thumper8 - C (Alt. Accommodation) Rosewood - C Olive - Unconfirmed C= confirmed, P=paid in full
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