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    Honda VT750 Shadow ACE (1997), Honda VFR750F Interceptor (1986), Ural 650 (1993)

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About Me

Hi, My name is Øystein, and I'm located up north in this small country called Norway.

I have a passion for all kinds of bikes, but Honda is on the top of the list. It just starts and run every time I turn on the ignition. 🙂

I've joined this forum in hope to ask for help and support to finish my building project. I'm not an pro mechanic, but I'm a fast learner.
Since a young age, I've always enjoyed fixing (and/or destroying) things. 😄
First time I drove something, i was 4 years old, and my older brother put me on a moped, put it in gear and sent me off. I could barely reach the handlebars, but man did I know how throttle. 😄

Eksos fumes has since then been in my blood, and I think I will bring it with me into the grave.


Personal quote:

"Ride hard, Ride style"

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