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  1. After sleeping on it and speaking with a friend (who thinks that the reason the stock exhaust was replaced was that it may have been dropped and the exhaust took the brunt of the damage because the stock can is so large), I'm going to try to negotiate a 7,000 dollar price. I may go with https://www.revzilla.com/motorcycle/rg-racing-engine-cover-set-honda-vfr800-2014-2015 to cover the scratched cover.
  2. Damn I would have bought that thing in an instant! New tires too!
  3. You all know the feeling. . .you get hyped up because the bike looks "perfect". . .then you go there and there are flaws or issues that come up that make you question everything lol. . . I appreciate all the help and assistance folks. I'm going to sleep on it and give it some thought. 7,500 is a bit high so I may offer a figure lower due to the new found information.
  4. The vehicle was shipped from California (Huntington Beach Honda). He thinks that the damage may have been there even prior to shipping, but I don't know what to believe anymore. I have taken a look at the photos he sent of it being shipped and it does look like the casing COULD have been damaged by that bar that is on the crate, but I will never know for sure.
  5. So I met up with the Owner today, and I'm a little disappointed:( I uploaded some additional pictures of my first inspection of the bike. Tires are in great condition - they look like the original dunlops that came with it, but they are in good condition with no perceivable flat spots. Bike still has the original tool kit, seat has been lowered (I may keep it that way since I'm 5'8) Bike has 656 miles, with no perceivable "questionable sounds" or mechanical problems. My issue is with the physical inspection. I asked the owner about the scratches (see attached). He claims that he thinks they happened during shipment overseas. Now, I could totally believe this - I've had a vehicle shipped overseas and they scratched it too. BUTTTTTT. . .wouldn't you as the owner KNOW about it? Especially when there's a gigantic gouge (I feel like I may be over exaggerating here but yeah) in the casing? He did send me some pictures of when the bike was originally shipped (also attached), but I can't see if the scratches are there or not. I'll be honest I'm a little nervous. Not because of the overall state of the bike, but more because the owner seems either oblivious to the scratches (which by the way are located on BOTH sides), or is trying to hide something. I don't know. I want to give people the benefit of the doubt, and it is after all a good bike. . .one of my dream bikes in fact. But I don't want to have my head in the stars and be blinded by what may be clear problems. What are your folks thoughts?
  6. Thanks for the welcome! The only major mods I was thinking about was getting the side bags and maybe a nicer looking windscreen. I may go after the quick shifter later on but for now it's just bags and maybe some smaller creature comforts.
  7. I strongly considered a Grom lol but H1 and H2 wouldn't be very kind to it 🙂
  8. Spoke with him yesterday and it looks like we are gonna deal. I just want to take a look at it and test ride with a more mechanically inclined friend. Budget was never really an issue, I more or less just wanted to make sure I was getting a good deal by asking this group. I appreciate all the feedback:) I've lived here for quite some time, and while the speed limit is low (55MPH) I haven't had too many issues with it. It's nice to ride around the island:)
  9. So the owner is firm at 7,500 and I really don't want to pass this up. . .I mean, it's a Deluxe with only 600 miles?!?!
  10. At the moment no. I had a Street Triple R, but I wanted to get into the sport touring scene so I bought an old FZ6 with side bags and a top case. That worked for a while, but I wanted to get something nice as a celebratory thing (I'll be making a very large life transition soon). The VFR has always been a bike I've loved checking out and when I saw this I knew I had to take a look at it
  11. I'm looking at some Michelin sport 5s to replace them.
  12. I checked on the mainland and there are a few good deals out there. But I live in Hawaii, and these things are super rare to find.
  13. Oh no! I was asking for the opinion on the price more or less; my apologies for not making that clear.
  14. Aloha Everyone, I'll get straight to the point. There's a 2015 VFR 800 DLX on my local Craigslist right now that is yelling at me to buy. 600 miles?! It is practically new - and from what I've researched on the reliability of these machines, I think it would be a good long term investment. I just wanted to see what you folks thought of it. Do you think its a good deal? Any input is appreciated. Thanks!
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