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  1. Hi, my friend has a 2000 vfr800 with a clutch problem, around 21000 miles on it. Soo he bought the bike recently from a pair of idiots that flooded the engine with around 6 quarts of oil total. Bike was also sitting for a few months. Soo drained the oil out, smelled of gas real bad. New plugs and oil and we get her up and running. Bleed the brakes and clutch. All is nice and firm. Now when he goes to engage the clutch it catches at almost full release of the clutch lever. Adjusted the lever itself soo now it catches a bit after mid release. The problem is every now and then the clutch will not disengage into gear and you sit there reving the bike and it doesnt go. I have opened up the clutch and the plates look good. When i reinstalled the pressure plate somthing went "clang" behind the clutch pack housing. And the bike was able to go into gear. Now im curious if he should just get a new clutch pack and springs to make sure the problem doesnt arise agian, or if there is a different problem on the bike. Any advice is helpful, thanks guys.

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