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  1. Very similar to that link! Thanks - I'll see if I can find them this side of the pond. And, yes, it looks like Honda never carried them as a "spare" part. Except for this unfortunate situation, I've never had an issue with the fastner system so was hoping someone had a source. Looks like I will be chasing a "generic" replacement. At the worst, a "speed nut" and a button head bolt will make the attachment. Thanks for all of the suggestions.
  2. Yes - that is the generic style of clip. The Honda one is "pop riveted" in place but a clip style would work just as well. I'd not found this source in my search - Thank you!!
  3. That certainly does look like the fastener that's in place - but the "receptacle for this - and the others on the fairing pieces don't have the "wire" center piece for the fastener to engage. It appears that Honda is using a "speed nut" type of clip riveted to the lower cowl that only has two "tangs" that engage the fastener - and that is what I'm trying to track down. Failing that, I can replace it with a true metric "speed nut" and matching bolt - easily found - but then I lose the "original look."
  4. I have a 1990 VFR that was in almost pristine condition. During a recent move, it slipped on the trailer and suffered some minor fairing damage - cosmetically, it is going to be fine, but it is no longer quite so immaculate. One of the issues is that the left middle fairing got "popped" out of place - essentially, the stress pulled the leading middle fairing attachment bolt through the fairing and it looks like the 1/4 turn fastener at the front of the middle fairing piece that joins it to the lower cowl/belly pan section essentially broke off/damaged the "tangs" that engage the fastener - at any rate, it will no longer engage. I've repaired the damage done to the middle fairing mounting hole, but can't seem to find the correct part number for the riveted on "clip" that engages the fastener. Does anyone know what part number or of a source. Best I can find, it would appear Honda only sold the lower cowl as an assembly and didn't have a separate number for the attachment plate. I can use a "speed nut" type of fastener, but then the attaching bolts won't be "original" and won't match the other side - and I'd really rather try to keep the "vintage" appearance.
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