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  1. Let's not let this thread die!

    I just changed the oil to RedLine Motorcycle 10/40. First thing I noticed was the oil pressure light now shuts off just before the bike starts. With the old oil(mobil1 4t with 3700.miles)the light would flicker a couple of times than go out, but after the engine started( did the same thing with Rotella Syn). 2nd thing I've noticed, is the bike shifts like a hot knife thru butter. Shifting is better than with mobil1 and as good as Rotella(but the Rotella went to crap in less than 2000 miles). Will see how long the RedLine last.

    Update! Just got home from a 100 mile ride. I've noticed a couple of more things! the bike is now running 200 rpm higher at idle. I'll need to adjust down to 1300 in the morning. Also, the bikes temp is running at 172~173f*(lower than I've ever seen at crusing speed. Before the RedLine it was running around 177~180f* I'd say that So far this RedLine oil is worth the money(if it holds up for 10k).

  2. Did you have any problems relocating the hoses, electrics, etc when installing the VF1000F bars?

    By the way they still appear as being available from some dealers.For over $300 a pair!


    All is good, but the accelerator cables get tight at full right turn.

    The difference from stock to these is only a little over 1 inch at the riser. THE advantage is in the angle, as the stock has a down angle and the vf1000 is at 90*. So at the ends, where talking over a two inch.

    And there's no interferance issues, as these bars are further back, they don't contact the fairing. and there higher on the ends and don't hit the tank.

  3. Last week I rode a 99 vfr with Helibars, I was not blown away by the big buzz about them! they were a little better than stock, but did not take it far enough(IMO). Also last week I found a member selling a set of bars for a VF1000f.

    I looked hard at them and thought, those look like they may work on my vfr. So I bought them and the difference over stock is fantastic! The bike is now so comfy. I did need to drill holes for the control stops. And the bars are hollow, so vibs are felt more. But this is what Honda should have offered in a touring version of the VFR.:blink:



  4. If you are set on going with HID's I would suggest 3K to reduce as much glare as possible.

    Same glare, just yellow! 4300K is best. It looks very close to a hot halogen. As far as glare go's, All HID systems glare! We are looking at an arc lamp. Take a look at the oem systems from high end cars, you'll see glare.

    Well setup HID on a clear lens reflector(vfr) is no worse than bikers running high beams. If you adjust the cut off, you wont bug anyone. Most bikes I've seen with HID, have them all screwed up with a bad install/adjustment.

  5. I have about $1300 to spend on my '06 VFR. I am trying to decide what would be a good upgrade path. I've already got a sargeant seat, sliders, a higher windscreen and weighted bar ends. I could go with some nice slip ons like the Remus or the Staintunes. That would about eat up my budget. The other option I could go with would be to get a PC V w/ autotune, a K&N filter, new brake pads and stainless braided brake cables.

    My thoughts on the first option are that it would sound sweet and look cool, with a possible slight performance bump. I don't care that much about the sound though. I kind of like that the stock pipes are quiet.

    My thoughts on the second option are that the PC would smooth out the power on the bike, especially the roughness on the low end that I don't like. The braking performance would be increased. The bike would be ready for putting new pipes on down the road.

    What are people's opinions on this? I'm sure I haven't thought of a lot of possible things I could do.

    HyperPro fork springs and a Penske shock will run you about $1100. This will transform your bike to a very good handling machine.

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