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  1. Yup, did you ever play with remote-control cars as kid? I used to build NiCad battery packs for those things as newer battery-tech came out giving higher capacity and power-output. Same thing with latest lithium batteries. Note LiFePO4 not same as problematic lithium-cobalt used in laptops; won't ever catch fire or explode. - 4x A123 26650 LiFePO4 cells w/tabs. A123 is one of leading suppliers of lithium batteries used by many OEMs - or 4x LiitoKala 32700LiFePO4 cells w/tabs. higher-capacity - 100a protection circuit, prevents overcharging and overdischarging - 4ga s
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  2. Hi Skids. Some interesting info for you. For the benefit of you and my own curiosity. Today I unbolted the front wheel sensor and took the bike for a ride. Both Traction Control AND ABS amber Warning lights remained ON and the Auto Cancelling indicators did NOT auto cancel. At no time did the Engine Malfunction light illuminate. So I'm even more confident that if you have a genuine ABS issue you would at least have the ABS amber Warning light constantly ON not the Engine Fault Light. The fact that once you ride over 6kph and the ABS light goes out normally means the ABS has pa
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  3. It's been two and a half years since I bought this bike and put it on the back burner. I had three other projects in the queue to finish first, so I mostly left it alone. While I was finishing up my second '83 CB1123 Rest-mod, I started pulling parts off this one to prep for powder coating and rebuilding. So far the entire brake system is done, along with the rearsets. Brake rotors were surface ground and then I PC'd the centers. Carbs went off to Mike Nixon for rebuilding and are now waiting to be installed. I still have to adjust the valves and PC the valve, clutch, and alternator cove
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  5. The tail fairings are nearly the same (rounded on the later bikes, flat on the earlier ones); I was referring to the sides of the frame to which the rear subframe attaches. The 4th gen has no big, sculpted castings (much more like the RC30/RC45 in that respect). Ciao, JZH
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  6. Pascal's Law (P=F/A) is in effect here. But you are thinking of (A) as constant. In reality these three things are interrelated and change in reaction to one another. (A) increases in response to higher (P) as both the piston moves out and the cylinder lines expand (not to mention the caliper body bolts, or body in a single-piece). It diffuses some of the pressure you are creating through force at the master cylinder, and results in lower overall force at the piston. You can get to the same overall force with stretchy or stiff lines, but you will have to move the lever further for the so
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  7. My completed bodywork arrived late last week, installed on a spare bike that my painter friend had no use for. It has virtually all the little bits that my bike is missing, so I'll end up with a nice, original VFR when I'm done. Next up, I'll powder coat the wheels, engine covers, sub-frame, fork bits, and rebuild the forks. Most of the remaining parts are already done and in boxes in my shop. Carbs are overhauled and bench sync'd. Goal for completion is spring of 2021 - it will be here before you know it.
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