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Fuel pump not working Gen6

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Hello, my 2006 VFR800A died within a minute of driving.

I found that I had a short in the alarm system or heated gear connection, which caused frame to be positive.  I removed that stuff, it was wired directly off the battery.  Was hoping that would just make things work, but no such luck.  Battery doesn't drain in under a day now, that's a plus I guess...


When I turn the ignition key to on with the red switch closed, I hear the relay click once, and that's it.  Then it clicks again on turning the key off.  (same behavior with the key in the on position, and closing and opening the red switch).  Reading no voltage between brown and green plug for the fuel pump.  Looked at the large blue plug, looks ok? Not sure where to go from here.  I read here

that the relay is supposed to click again in a couple seconds, but mine doesn't.  Just clicks on red switch close/open or key turn on.


What should be the next thing to check? 




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From another post saw the advise about the 30 AMP fuse, mine was blown.  With new fuse there are now 2 or 3 things clicking instead of just the front relay.  Something behind the battery, and potentially something else.  However, still no voltage to the pump.

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