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  1. Picture Thread

    Try Applecross in the Scottish summer
  2. Tires!

    Metzeler Sportec M7 RR. A sporty road tyre that I've used on a cbr 600f, blade and now a vfr. Been around since 2014 so not a new tyre but cannot praise this tyres enough. Excellent stability over white lines, manhole covers etc and excellent on its side. Makes the vfr turn in more smooth and predictable. Confidence inspiring feels like you can really depend on the front. Great grip mid corner encourages big lean and early throttle. Great grip from cold. You trust them implicitly. On the exit hooks up and fooks off. Finds traction over bumps and never had any TC intervention. If you want improve the grip and turn in of your vfr buy the M7 RR. On the blade rear lasted about 4000 miles and front about 5500 miles. Should think the vfr should last somewhat longer. Don't ride through the winter but copes well in the rain and damp conditions. Ps Micheal Rutter took a road legal GSX-R around the TT course and averaged 122mph for one lap on these tyres. The owner took the bike home the next day on the ferry and a 200 mile trip home. Unofficial lap record for the fastest road bike round the Isle. Micheal Rutter on his superstock S1000RR with race tyres he averaged 125.3 mph.
  3. Sweet looking bike. I like the can you put on it much better than the stock one

    1. wrestler


      What make of exhaust is that?


  4. Aeolo

  5. IMG_0410.JPG

    From the album Aeolo

  6. DAM exhaust is AWESOME (Review)

    Still think the delkevic at £175 is great value. Sounds great and now 3 years old and 15,000 miles still in fantastic condition. Plus free up that beautiful rear wheel [emoji1] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. Something different

    James Whitman crashed it after two minutes in a four-hour endurance race 😳
  8. IMG_0400.JPG

    From the album Aeolo

    Sedbergh- Garsdale
  9. Plenty of sheep around Yorkshire wandering the roads. One tried to eat my gloves at Tan hill they must like kangaroo leather. Yes its a CBR650F a 2014 model.
  10. Nearly as good as the West Coast of Scotland
  11. Waiting for the off at Devils Bridge Ribblehead Viaduct Hawes Buttertubs Pass as used in 2014 Tour de France Tan Hill Inn Highest Inn in England Garsdale Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. Aeolo

    Sedbergh - Garsdale