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  1. None of my neighbors would think so :P I had originally intended on chopping it to about 1/3rd it's size and re rivvetting it - alas, life's obligations took precedence over all my projects.. Looking for a short race pipe that exposes the wheel. It won't be Ak quality, but you can't win em all!
  2. I'll see if I can find the person, I would definitely consider selling the stock exhaust, it has maybe 200 miles on it.
  3. Thinking of getting myself a smaller pipe, maybe a straight pipe. Looking to see if anyone locally in SoCal would want to pick up my gently used Akropovic exhaust and how much they're willing to pay with all the hardware. Thanks all!
  4. R&G Tank Pads

    Must've taken 8 weeks to receive but I finally received them. In my haste, I managed to F up the right side... it's currently eating me alive but i'm letting go, letting go.... looonggg breath in..... exxhhhaaalle Anyone have a right side they'd like to donate? Also - The little R&G stickers are pretty cheap and fit pretty awfully in the exposed holes - take special care when doing this. On second thought, I should have probably marked off the areas with some blue painters tape, or not rushed it.
  5. Awesome Capt! Can you link me to the details of the lane splitting on CHP's site? I looked up the 2016 AB-51 but it doesnt have what you stated. I never really understood what is legal and whats not legal. Thanks!
  6. By "bungs" are you referring to the nuts? You'll need someone to hold one side (or clamp it down somehow) and ratchet the other. Definitely why you must get your QS at the same time (life is all about rationalizing lol)
  7. Interesting. Thankfully we don't experience winters out here :P Sorry had to rub it in :D
  8. Ultimately thought the same thing but I knew once the sliders are on they're not coming off and the holes are covered permanently. If i were to do it again the whole process wouldnt take too long now that i know how the fairings come off. Remember, while you have it open, install the quick shifter too :P That thing adds so much excitement, it shouldve been standard.
  9. Samuel, took it for a long ride and thought "why did I waste my money on this?" That thought quickly disintegrated into thin air when I hit a straight and popped each gear full throttle, feels like a twin clutch paddle shift in a performance car! The only downside is that you can't shift down with it (there's no function or availability for auto blip) which makes taxes my simple mind as I was engaging in massive amounts of fun up-shifting. I then had to recenter myself and remember to use the clutch to downshift and then remember I could let go to up-shift so on so forth. I'm sure its a learning process, but if you like to be spirited, GET IT. EASY install too and very cheap comparatively to other bikes.
  10. After months of procrastination, I finally took the time to install both. Total time from start to finish including setup and clean up was 2 hours: Removed Fairings Marked area to be drilled using supplied marking tool (picture of old/new rod attached) Drilled Fairings - pic shows SMALL fairing hole. Determined location was good and continued drilling to 28mm Lined up and tightened frame sliders While I had it opened up - I had to order and put in the quick sifter (rationalization to the wifey :)): Pic of old set up vs anticipated new set up. Of note, the shifter now comes from the rear vs the front. Ran the wiring around the specified paths as indicated in the instructions utilizing all clips Notice BLUE dummy clip in the photo - release blue dummy clip and connect quick shifter there. Put her back together. The gear indicator wouldn't register for about 2 minutes, freaked me out until the bike finally allowed me to turn it on at which time it registered the gears. I haven't ridden it just yet - but i'm waiting to see how she performs. Thought this may help some people out there. Removed Fairings on both sides: Old bar Old bar vs new R&G frame slider bar with spacers and sliders Drilled a hole small enough for the bar to go through. Removed fairing again and drilled to 28mm Installed and R&G logo end caps installed: Sliders installed: Blue dummy cap where QS gets installed QS vs Standard shifter before installation
  11. Got way off topic. Some people on this forum helped out tremendously. However, the ultimate result was Traffic School. For anyone that wants to know when, why, and how you can fight a ticket in CA check out: https://www.amazon.com/Fight-Your-Ticket-California-11th/dp/1413301878 Truth is, the ways out of the ticket on technicalities were all ruled out with a with a code violation of 22349(a) (minus the cop simply not showing up at court). Now, if you receive a ticket in a 55mph zone, you can use multiple defenses in your argument including but not limited to, laser calibration defenses, ambushing, site survey, and the like. Hope this helps someone in the future and thanks to those that assisted in PM's.
  12. Side Mirror Alternatives

    Yeah I'm not sure where you all rode but makes a huge difference with mirrors pulled in vs not. It's tight through places like pch and more. Following a friend on his zx10 w his factory mirtors had me extremely jealous. So no one on the forum ever changed factory mirrors or has seen factory or aftermarket options available? Thx
  13. This question probably only pertains to anyone who lives in california and split lanes. Ive noticed the stock mirrors are at the perfect proportions to those of other drivers cars. When traffic is stopped i pull in the mirrors and its like the bike transformed from a harley to a dirtbike. Anyone ever replace the stock mirrors? If so, with what? Thank you
  14. New And Improved Alternative Ram Mount

    Awesome. Is this the mount ball sold on the forum by one of the members?