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  1. ~ 11mm long too. Slightly longer is ok as they only go into the swingarm.
  2. IT'S FINISHED!!!!! Well very nearly. I took delivery of the bike yesterday morning, having passed it on to someone else to undertake the (not so) wonderful jobs of bleeding the coolant and brakes, along with a few other odds and sods that I simply couldn't be arsed to do. Given the amount of time and effort that I have committed, I really don't feel too shameful for doing so.Left to do - adjust the grip on the throttle tube to prevent rubbing on bar endTemporarily fit numberplate to OEM pannier bracketPurchase and fit 2p reflector MOTMappingFit integrated pannier and numberplate bracketSort out private registration (yeah, I know)Have fun There are a few untidy bolts etc, including the front axle, which I will sort out in time, but for now, I'm done...although I may replace the silencers in the near future
  3. No need to remove the discs.
  4. Roger - thanks for the info
  5. Out of interest, how did you stop the rear wheel from rotating? I didn't have brakes when I came to do mine, and didn't want to put a bar through the wheel to prevent rotation.
  6. Your proposal will 100% work, although one jack on the front axle will suffice as per conedodger's advice.
  7. It was always going to shift quickly, but I'm surprised it went THAT quickly! I hope you got a decent price; the new owner is definitely one lucky SOB. We drink beer made from river water, twigs and all, down here; let me know when we can teach you how to drink it! Keep in touch - I'm sure we can arrange a meet
  8. That looks chuffing brilliant - it's a real shame that you won't be able to keep riding it and enjoying all your hard work. Someone is going to be a very lucky new owner - yours has to be one of the best condition 5th gens out there - GLWTS. Where was the cable binding btw? Was it down to the cable routing or incorrect cable tension?
  9. You've certainly had some similar problems to me. The Service Manual is a godsend when it comes to cable routing - this, as well as sanding/knifing the bar sorted the sticking throttle tube, although it rubs slightly on the bar end too, which will need to be addressed. Fingers crossed that this is the final hurdle for you!
  10. Yikes! Glad you're ok, and good luck with the prep work for your trip
  11. Beautiful, and yeah, this weather is a bit odd!
  12. I agree - posture is crucial and it's surprising how many of us have a weak core - myself included. Having a bad back is just a symptom of something else not being right, so, as Skids eluded to, it's most probably worth the OP addressing the root cause rather than putting a band-aid (not the charity supergroup) on the issue. It is possible to strengthen your front neck muscles to take the pressure off your shoulder blades - I have similar issues and feel your pain! We need to build up our neck stability muscles as opposed to using the big movement muscles either side of our throat to keep our heads from falling off, otherwise the rear ones just get overloaded. There are some good videos on Youtube as to how you can go about achieving this. Keeping your shoulder blades tucked in and down is also good, in order to make sure that we are using the correct muscles when lifting/using our arms in general - our bodies are clever and will find ways of cheating if we have muscular weaknesses.
  13. Check that the earths haven't been compromised by powdercoating - I had no return path for the starter motor until I removed some of the powder from the frame.
  14. Looking awesome! Its' so nearly there and is going to look superb once all in one piece. I had the same problem with the PC on the handlebar, although it still sticks a little on the bar end as I fitted the grip a little too far to the right. I used a kitchen knife to scrape the powder off.