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  1. Endurance Racing VF500 build.

    This must be the most supportive forum in the world. Your comments are very much appreciated and I will keep you posted on the progress. Thanks to everyone.
  2. Endurance Racing VF500 build.

    Hi guys. All offers are much appreciated but the time constraints are so tight that I have withdrawn. There are 12 teams on the reserve list and I felt it better to give one of them a shot than turn up untested and not make the right impression. It's really sad because we are so close but I had set yesterday as my deadline and it just didn't look likely. The organisers were gutted, this was something different from the usual gsxr/fz stuff and they have offered free entry next year which I thought was pretty nice of them. In the meantime I feel I've let the side down a bit but the bike will still be on track this month and I'll post up the dyno results when I have them and hopefully some action pictures. I'm going to try to get an entry in a pro stock race if I can pursuade them to let me in even though it doesn't quite comply but other than that it's back in the shed until next year's legends race. Sorry I haven't got better news.
  3. Endurance Racing VF500 build.

    Ok. Quick update on the critical situation we are in. The race is less than a week away and the bike is still in the dyno room struggling to get off the needles. The problem is that the carbs need a dynojet kit to overcome the restriction imposed by this being a California machine and we can't get the kit until after the race. As a last resort we are trying different mains and attempting to reshape the needles by hand. The needles are not adjustable for height so it's shims and files that we are working with. All very time consuming but we are not giving up yet!!! The good news is that the bike seems great in every other way.
  4. Endurance Racing VF500 build.

    It's very good quality. I fitted it myself and I am not an upholsterer at all. The fit is excellent. I should have used a bit more glue but overall I'm really happy.
  5. Endurance Racing VF500 build.

    Not a numpty question at all mate. It's not a 24 hour race so there is no need for lights. We will have a number board there for the event, I just haven't made it yet.
  6. Endurance Racing VF500 build.

    Many thanks for the nice comments. Pete would be happy to have a chat about exhausts, his work is top drawer and very good value in my opinion.
  7. Endurance Racing VF500 build.

    Haha, the fender is on the right way but it's not a vf fender. I think it's from a cbr400 or something similar. I did try it the other way around but it could the Tyre. I think it looks racy.
  8. Endurance Racing VF500 build.

    Thanks for that jrod. The radiator is a vfr750 unit from a 1997 model. It actually fits very nice, just got to make some simple brackets and cut the fairing. The hose unions are 25mm so standard hoses may have to stretch a bit.
  9. Endurance Racing VF500 build.

  10. Endurance Racing VF500 build.

  11. Endurance Racing VF500 build.

  12. Endurance Racing VF500 build.

  13. Endurance Racing VF500 build.

  14. Endurance Racing VF500 build.

  15. Endurance Racing VF500 build.

    She starts and runs! Needs a full set up but the early signs are very positive. All of the bodywork is now quick release and I have to say I'm really happy with the overall look of it