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  1. I've noticed many top bicycle shops provide a scientific fitment service for their customers.. Motorcycle dealers should provide this service too...! They should be able to make adjustments to our bikes to fit us better? My wife and I both ride VFRs and it would have been great to trained experienced professionals to fit our bikes to us, such as; seat height, pegs, bar reach and suspension sag at the very least....
  2. Hi GatorGreg, No probs mate Check out the revzilla video https://www.revzilla.com/motorcycle/antigravity-ytx12-12-cell-360ca-lithium-ion-battery#overview_tab Lithium is the lightest metal, opposite end of the periodic table to lead! This manufacturer claims up to a 70% saving. The battery is located reasonably high in the bike, so the weight loss should be noticeable. It a sensible improvement rather than a hack. If your current battery is a few years old, give the Ol girl a birthday present and enjoy the ride this summer, "assuming you live in the northern hemisphere" I would ignore and be entertained by the many dick heads passing unhelpful comments. Most if not all of theses guys can't truly handle these new full on sports bikes anywhere near 6/10ths, nor are these bikes that great on the road for any enduring amount of time, they do look great and for a few (see the sales stats) that's all they want. Weekend super heros.... The VFR is a wonderful real world sports-touring machine, an obvious Honda favourite, and absolutely loved by those who travel far to explore new awesome twisty roads. Yes it's not the lightest bike but she's still a great handling bike and everyone loves that V4 power. Have you seen the UK motorcycle magazine called MCN? I'm not from the UK but buy the mag on my iPad, if you can have a look at last weeks 12 April publication where the VFR800 was compared to the new super sport Ducati and the Kwaka SX1000. Touring capabilities were not explored, but the VFR was praised "it's not slow and handles so well, it's always there" Surprisingly there aren't more similar bikes designed to fit factory integrated panniers/saddlebags for those road adventure holidays. The new Ducati super sport was a real disappointment for me (I love V twins - I had VTR1000, SuperHawk in the US) as Ducati fitted a very small fuel tank and didn't design in the ability to fit factory panniers, that's a sizeable market segment missed, pity..... If Honda is listening, next year can we please have cruise control...and whilst throwing coins into the wishing well it wouldn't hurt to breakout of your skins and produce an "S" model too with some Fireblade SP goodies such as electronic suspension and rider aids, an instrument panel with Garmin GPS maps inbuilt or at least a Bluetooth link to our phone maps another 20hp and 10kg weight savings would really top off the awesome list... While on the wishing rant, wouldn't it be nice to have dealers provide fitting support, to set your bike up for you, seat height, bar reach, suspension tuning loaded and unloaded.... many bicycle shops are now providing this service.... In in the meantime I'm really enjoying my 2014 Interceptor, and I'm chewing at the bit to further explore Montana, Idaho, Oregon and Washington states this summer Ride on....
  3. Lithium battery is an easy one! Tyres are the best speed mod!
  4. Thanks mate! Found some storage with a little heat, and have invested I. A battery tender. Service and new tyres next April, cannot wait...!
  5. Being an Aussie from Perth where it never gets to freezing, I've never had to worry about anti-freeze. The last Christmas I spent in north west Montana visiting the out laws "in laws" It was cold enough to freeze the balls off a brass monkey, never been so cold in my life! That being said it was -24 and apparently I hear it's very possible to get down to the minus thirties!
  6. Forgot to mention I've also picked up a trickle charger, after having a good run storing a couple of cars. thanks guys
  7. Thanks mate, appreciate the advice
  8. Guys and gals, Storing an 8th gen in northern Montana for the winter, any advice with regards to the possible low temperatures? Have been running non-ethanol fuel and bought some stabiliser. Storing in a garage without heat. Any issues with running the factory anti-freeze coolant? thanks
  9. Thanks DriverDave
  10. Squeaky wheel gets the oil... After complaining to Honda America corporate, they have finally given me an ETA of 24 August "2016". Safety in numbers, I suggest you also call them on 866 784 1870 and give them a friendly push, might help both of us. good luck - let me know how you go!
  11. We get 52MPG (US Gallons) doing +70mph
  12. Anyone tried a kapok throttle lock? http://www.revzilla.com/product/kaoko-throttle-lock-honda-cbr1000rr-cbr1100xx-vfr800-gold-wing-f6b-cbr650f
  13. I'll buy it!
  14. Ordered the Honda panniers (long wait) and wondering if the water resistant inner bags are worth buying? Appreciate comments from those with some experience using the panniers.