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  1. Tires!

    By pie314 You are not dreaming.they do wear fast. 5500 miles and I'm going to pilot power 3 sets. I had the stock pilot powers on my vs 1000th. Front went well at 12500 and rear I had less. But 12500 they got me cross country and then some.not. fan of Bridgestone. Pilot powers all the way! Great on all weather too.
  2. 2014 Vfr Poll

    what is sad is in north america the vfr800 only ran 2 years 2014-15.why? is my question .
  3. Vfr Gen 6 To Gen 8

    MCN last year did a flat out run at 141 and did not move after that.it is on youtube ,but much more on tach yet.
  4. Vfr Gen 6 To Gen 8

    for me the 2007 vfr was a sweet ride.that said i felt the base 8th gen was justified and money well spent because of the break i got on it .4100 in trade for a 2014 vfr base at 7995 otd. the 3900 difference and wear and tear i had in 7 years to me was worth it. the technologies in the electronic fixes,better ride,slimmer ,better fuel management ,along with weight reduction was overdue .mid range is smooth and better.i also the piece of mind of the extended warranty of 5 yrs again.we know the vfr is very complex for some,but not all.go with your gut,
  5. Battery Compartment - Pool Of Water!

    Thanks for posting,i will check mine and poke a hole if needed.
  6. need a warm summers night ride...