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  1. Flash and Flare


    These were the pics I took when I decided that it was time to sell.
  2. Love it, did the same thing to my red 98. I am debating putting "Tape Works" 6th Gen 1136 kit on my 5th Gen (not that I would make the 6th gen work, I talked to them and they would make a 5th gen kit with the same colors and fonts as the 1136kit) F&F
  3. So how long before you start taking ppls body panels in as a core in exchange for your already modded ones? LOL Great work this is how Honda should have made them F&F PS. the line starts behind me
  4. SAFE-T I totally agree, even though I was hoping for alot less. I have built alot of one off stuff for snowmobiles and for my MX-Banshee Just like you said "playing in the wrong sandbox" F&F
  5. Yes, but a nice underseat setup is even better than a high-mount, especially if you want luggage options. I have a full set of RKA soft bags that came with the bike, previous owner said worked great it the carbon Micron. F&F
  6. I understand that one off stuff and custom stuff is $$$ but for $1000 my Micron Carbon high mount is looking better and better. Thanks for raining on my parade. LOL F&F
  7. I would prefer carbon to keep the heat down, my carbon Micron I can grab a hold of after a ride.............really like that feature. SAFE-T not to vier off topic here but I was looking in your gallery and I like your windscreen, what make and model is that ?
  8. Probably doable. Get an outlet tip/end cap from a Micron oval can originally meant for a Ducati 916/996/998 and you're all set. Micron will probably sell you one direct as spare parts. You just made the job easier, now someone just needs to make the pans and the piping so its plug and play. *crossing fingers* BTW, if you only knew how many times I have watched your sound clip vids. sheesh love that sound
  9. You might have issues with the larger diameter cans fitting properly, clearance issues with the rear tire/suspension being the fly in the ointment. WOLF themselves began fitting smaller diameter cans later in their production run. DEVIL USA told me they could supply two of their shotgun style cans with a random connector pipe for (some amount) less than buying a purpose-built system for a specific model. They further said that the newer shotgun style cans have a nicer CF finish/weave than the earlier ones which is what I have. But since I got mine on a blowout deal to get them the heck out of the dealership (hanging on the wall for years and years) I didn't take DEVIL up on their offer. The Devil shotgun Y-pipe I never used, I EBAY'd it. Was for a CBR929/954 as illustrated here: I also thought about using two oval cans, laying horizontally but there wasn't enough room to right for then to fit. At least not a Micron oval can. Maybe someone else makes smaller oval cans??? My bike currently has a Micron high mount, how about just a single pipe under tail, just lay it flat in there ???? All I would have to do is figure a way to turn the outlet pipe so it faces down instead of off to one side. I love the sound of the Micron, but have wanted a undertail exhaust also. F&F
  10. Also if I had to vote on longer narrow (arrow or tunes) cans or larger shorter(micron or TB's) I would opt for the later larger shorter. Love the sound of the larger vs. the narrow zippy sounding. But hey thats just me, I guess beggars can't be picky. Any chance of using our own single side mount under the seat ????
  11. veefer is supposed to be bringing his exhaust to the bike show Jan. 12th and I've already talked to the original fabricator about making copies. Once he takes some measurements, gives me a price and I can be certain it will bolt up without difficulty I will post up. This is outstanding news ! what a way to start 2007 off with the hopes of getting dual or even single undertail exhaust for our 5th Gen's F&F
  12. Did you ever take them to a exhaust shop to get a carbon copy made ? I thought there was some discussion at one time of you possibly selling knock off kits. I am inline for one if you do.
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