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  1. The holes in the bend were drilled by allowing the bit to sort of chew through the metal a little at a time. The straight shots were easy, but the bends took a while. The result was four holes of about the same size. It has a nice little growl now, not too obnoxious, although my wife says "it used to be so quiet...."
  2. I left the pipes on and let the shavings "go where they go." The bit also collects some shavings because I think it is somewhat magnetized. Nothing's going to get back into places where it could do damage. I few aggressive revs on the road clean it out, I'm sure. This is quick and easy. If you have an electric drill, takes about 5 minutes. I had to use my battery-powered Makita. I went through about 8 battery chargings. Hope this helps.
  3. Sorry, beyond my technical abilities... I could use the digital camera I suppose, but its audio is lousy--to put it mildly.
  4. This is for you 6th gen. VFR owners. I'm one of those folks who likes the look of the stock pipes, so I drilled them out. There have been lots of interesting suggestions about how to do it here, but only loose reference to the exact tools. If you have a drill (and I recommend an electric one), get these two items. Both were bought for just under $20 at Home Depot. Two of the pipes are straight shots, so insert the bit as far as it goes and drill away. The other two pipes have a bend, so you will have to drill at an angle. The beauty of the bit is that, for the angled drill holes, it chews away at the pipe without having to worry about starting a pilot hole, scratching the visible outlet portion of the pipe, etc. The bit is by eazypower and is called an Isomax countersink, 5/8". The extension is an Irwin Speedbor, 12" long. Both are virtually indestructible. Happy drilling! border='0' alt='user posted image' /> 100_3000.JPG
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