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  1. Free bar risers: losten clip-on, slide up the fork to the top (remove clip) and tighten back down. 3 years like this on my 02 with no issues. YMMV got the idea right here from VFRD :pissed:
  2. :rolleyes: second best mod for the VFR factory bags are #1
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  4. Are you using the pc3 usb, or pc3 serial? If using the pc3 usb, go to dynojet's website and download a newer version. good question, I think I am running the usb. anyway i will try to download the newest version. what version is everyone else on?
  5. I've got Power Commander Control Center I've never used the software before as the bike came with the PC installed and programmed. when i open the program and try to load the map, it doesn't recognize the file as a "Dynojet Map File" If i view all file types and select cozye's map I get a "C++ error" and the program freezes up. I stink at computers, what's going on here? <_<
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    filling those wholes
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