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  1. Looks like the 4 led ones might be brighter, but that could be a bad thing during a long trip at night perhaps. FWIW, I'm happy with the single LED's with the angled diffuser and would not wish for them to be brighter. would you say they are brighter than stock?
  2. so which ones would be better to get, the ones with 4 LED's or the larger single LED with the wedge difuser
  3. well i rode it for one day, got pulled over by the cops. he wasn't impressed but only gave me a warning for a too loud an exhaust. changed it back to stock last night so i could leave at 5:30 this morn with out anoying my neighbors. will put the modified inner core in hopefully this weekend, hopefully shouldn't be too loud but still nice and throaty
  4. well i tacked the end cap back on, no baffle or packing. VERY loud. think what it sounds like when you take the whole exhaust off and take 5% off. actually didn't really like the sound when idling, very tinny and hollow, but when i took it for a ride, awesome! loud, deep and full. its deffinatly too loud to stay how it is, i leave for work at about 6:00 am in the morning.
  5. Hey all, unfortunately wasn't able to do any work on the exhaust this weekend, got called into work and had a family commitment. probably Wednesday i'll tack the end cap back on for a day to hear how she sounds
  6. also thanks to Vee-Ef-Ar for lettin me know how to post pics
  7. Lopeman

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    Cant stop fiddelin
  8. Lopeman

    Lopemans VFR800

    Hey True Blue
  9. well my little diagram didn't work, that will teach me not to preview post, sorry about the mess
  10. just got the exhaust in the mail, had a look down the back of the pipe, it seems the internal pipe is wavy i.e. not straight but travels up and down alont the inside of the exhaust, is every vfr exhaust like this or just 5th gen
  11. well i just picked up a 5th gen exhaust of ebay for AU $110, about $80 US, so i'm going to have a play and gut it out myself. if anyone has done this before any pointers would be appriciated
  12. " Fork out the $$$'s. Your VFR deserves it." i would mate but i'm a struggling engineering student, colud only just scrape enough to buy the bike by its self
  13. dont suppost anyone has that link??
  14. Here are some photos of the core and exhaust. i reckon i can just reuse the old packing but if it don't work then my dad is a fiber glassier by trade so i have easy access to that Well I have cut the end off the can and have pulled out the baffle, i am going to tack the end back on the can with no baffels in just to see what is sounds like, just the metal can, nothing else. should be LOUD! almost defiantly to loud but is just an experiment. The baffel has 3 chambers with the exhaust entering int the first chamber, passing through a pipe into the 3rd chamber, then back into the middle chamber and then through a pipe out the end of the exhaust. Above is the shell, core and packing this is the flow of the exhaust, this photo was taken after i cut the end off the core. The RED shows the path of the original exhasut gasses and the BLUE shows the path that the gasses will follow when its complete. this is looking down the baffle with the end cut off, the tube on the right will be the only one that is used now i went and bought some stainless tig welding rods today so am all set to tack the end cap on and see what just the can sounds like. I'm aware that it will most likely be ungodly loud and may rob some power but its just an experiment. good idea about buying a core from an exhaust manufacturer, never thought of that. will keep that in mind if the cut baffle sounds like crap I cut the last cap off, the one near the exit of the pipe, so i am essentially reducing the baffle from 3 chambers to 1. may still be to loud but i got the exhaust 2nd hand for cheap so i don't mind to much if it all goes pear shaped. if some one could pm me or send me an email on how to post photos i should be able to get them on the site. if any one was thinking of doing this pm me with any questions will finish off my little project on Saturday, as i have to go but some stainless rods so i can TIG it up.
  15. i am starving to see those photos of the red guages weaselphd, hows the instaliation going?
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