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  1. I've been corresponding with Jes on this issue on the STN forum and wanted to share my findings with you regarding this fan mod for the 6th gen model VFR's Well, I just got back from a great road test with with the VFR post fan modification. I rode in many different situations with the temps ranging from 70 degrees all the way up to 106 degrees. EEK! I even had the opportunity to compare notes with a friend who rides an 07 model. In the morning the temp was in the low 70's when I put the bike on the interstate. As expected there were no issues and the coolant temp maintained 190 or so at 85mph. I met up with my friend at 7:30 and we traded VFR's, he was riding my 04 and I was riding his 07. As we made our way up Palomar Mountain the air temp was around 78 degrees. Before long his temp was in the low 220's and his fan kicked in at which point his temps rose rather quickly up to 234 and remained with the fan running for the rest of the climb. My friend reported to me that the temp on my 04 hit 225 and held constant with the fan running. After switching back to my bike I did some further testing up and down the mountain. I discovered that in a situation when the bike is under a load the fan is unable to get the temp down low enough to turn off. However,the fan is able to maintain the temp in the 215 225 range (depending on the load) as opposed to getting into the 230's such as my friends' 07 and higher (240s) as seen previously on my bike. At idle with the temps above 90 degrees the fan can hold the temp around 215 - 218 but it was unable to get the temp down low enough to shut off. However, once under way under normal riding conditions the temps dropped 210 or so and the fan remained off. On my way home I saw a high of 106 on the interstate and decided to push the bike hard by running 90+. At those speeds the temps rose to 223 and the fan engaged. Once again the fan could not cool sufficiently to turn off but It did maintain the temps at a range of 218-221 consistently. This is where I had my most severe problem with the temps creeping into the 240 range. Also, I observed that when getting within 100 feet of another vehicle that the temp rose slightly but once back into the air stream it would fall back into the same levels. Finally, In traffic at speeds up to 50mph with temps in the mid 90's the VFR ran consistently in the 209-213 range with the fan OFF. At a traffic light or in slow heavy traffic the temp would quickly spike to 222 and the fan would kick in slowly reducing the temp to 218 or so. But once moving at around 20 mph the temp dropped steadily down to 210 and the fan could disengage. In the past the fan would not have had enough time before the light changed to cool down below it's cutoff point. Once under way it was stuck on and the temps hovered around 220's in traffic. The only way it would shut off is if I were to pull over and wait for a few minutes but that was useless because the temp would climb back to 222 at the next stop anyway. Hmm... Let's see, Fan off bike runs cooler, Fan on Bike runs hotter.... Makes sense to me Headscratch.... I ran the VFR under some of the most demanding conditions that most people will likely see and it performed much better than it ever has. The highest temp it ever got to was 225, hot but tolerable. I am now comfortable taking the bike out on my upcoming 3800 mile journey through the 4 corners states. I can also go on record to say that this mod seems to work better than the stock setup for the 6th gen model VFR. Jes, Thanks once again for your detective work figuring out that a VTR fan blade is compatible with the VFR fans. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that after the fan had been running for about 5 minutes while the bike sat on the driveway the bike (especially the clutch) was pretty hot to the touch as hot air works it's way up between the side fairing and the gas tank. However it was no big deal as it cooled off quickly once the bike was in motion. This might be one of the reasons that Honda designed the fan to pull inward.
  2. My 04 cools only adequately in stop and go traffic. However, I too have the same cooling problem at speed. Once my fan comes on at speed it will NEVER shut off until I stop and let the bike cool down. Not only is the fan pushing hot air back into the engine area, the other rad is now subjected to this hotter air and I suspect that the overall cooling capacity is further diminished. I have changed the thermostat and run water wetter with distilled water but this has made no difference. I've always suspected that the bike would cool better if the fan direction was reversed. Last weekend I did an experiment by reversing the polarity of the fan. Basically, I just shaved off the keys on the connector and plugged them back together. Here are the parameters of my experiment: The model: VFR (VTEC) 2004 Reversed fan direction using stock fan (blade now turning in reverse) Fan is significantly louder than before. Outside air temp 80 degrees Results: I let the bike idle until the fan started before riding at which point I rode it at speeds of 30-45mph. As I suspected the temp dropped rather quickly, the fan would cycle off at around 206 degrees F and the temp would stay there until I stopped the bike and let it idle long enough for the temps to rise again. Unfortunately, with the fan in the reversed direction the air flow is significantly diminished (not a problem when moving) and the temp would slooowly climb while the bike sat on the driveway. The fan switched on at 222 and the temp climbed to 228 before I shut it down. Keep in mind that it's only 80 degrees so I imagine this overheating scenario would happen a lot faster when the temps get up into the 90's. For this reason I went back to the stock configuration. I will have to further investigate the VTR Fan mod for the 6th gen model. I suspect that fan blade (turning in it's proper direction) pushing air out of the engine bay might cool the bike sufficiently at idle.
  3. This is EXACTLY the problem I'm having. I need to be able to get the fan to turn off at highway speeds. The next post in this thread has a link but it is broken.
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