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  1. I had to remove one of these about a year ago... Mine was on the front cylinder bank as well, luckily, although it was broke off flush with the motor. First, I tried to drill into the center of it and use an extractor; big mistake. It felt like it was gonna break so I decided to stop and try something else, but a "friend" said to let him feel it, and snapped the extractor off.
  2. Anyone? Anyone? Bueller? ..... Bueller? ....
  3. the "breather hole" at the bottom of the slide is enlarged slightly.. making it more sensitive to pressure change.. ergo, sliding faster.. remove the top of the airbox and filter.. see if all the slides move smoothly.. if they do. start the bike and see if they move together.. if they dont.. you may have a ripped diaphram or one thats not seated properly. Do you know what size the hole is stock vs. after modification? I'd like to be able to confirm what I've got. The diaphragms are installed correctly, that is not my issue. I currently am running a stock setup with no problems whatsoever. However, with the jet kit and full exhaust installed, something is not quite right. I posted a better description on another thread: http://www.vfrdiscussion.com/forum/index.php/topic/63517-cbr900rr-forks-on-3rd-gen/page__view__findpost__p__756681
  4. Do you know how the carb slide is modified when using the DJ jet kits?? I think my carbs had a dj kit installed when I got them, and I have been bothered by a funny condition in that rev range... any help is greatly appreciated.
  5. Salty42


    Sold almost as soon as it hit the showroom, this is as close as I got to riding it...
  6. Salty42

    Not Mine

    bikes, etc, not mine.
  7. Is it just me or did this ''Delkevic'' company seem to come out of nowhere?? They have exhausts too, and everything I've seen from them seems reasonably priced.... Anybody know anything about them??
  8. Yes, we have a wide assortment of the shims that would be needed should any valve clearances be out of spec. For the shim under bucket type, we charge a set price to check them and then an additional fee should there be any adjustment required. Since I'm not at work right now I can't quote you the fee for inspecting the clearances; but we do charge as needed on the adjustment say if only one shim needed changed it would be the cheapest and if they all needed changing that would be the most expensive. More often than not, the valve clearances are in spec and in need of no adjustment on the VFRs and on the ST1300s...FWIW
  9. 24000mi service is $375 just labor... and does NOT include a valve clearance check. Valve clearance inspections are done at 16k mi intervals... when checking valves at scheduled maint. intervals on VFRs and STs, we almost never have to make an adjustment, as they are 99.9% of the time still in spec. Hope this helps...
  10. DFW Honda, Rockwall Honda, and Al Lamb's Dallas Honda are the best three in the area. Depending on which one you are closer to. If you take it to Al Lamb's, make sure you ask to have me work on it ... just ask for Santiago to be your tech when you bring it in. We are not real busy right now so it would be seen the same day you bring it in; although I'd call first to be sure we have the part when you get here, unless you don't mind dropping it off.
  11. Salty42

    My Bike

    I'd love nothing more than to get a 5th gen... unfortunately since blue book is so low and I'm not injured, I think I'm gonna get around $1500 give or take. Even if I part out the bike I think the most I could hope for is around $3000 total, and with the tickets I got after getting my car back on the road I might be lucky to have $2500 to spend on another bike. Most of the 5th gens I've seen for sale go for at least $4000. I have court on Monday for the three tickets (no Ins., Exp. Registration, Exp. Inspection) and have absolutley no money to get these corrected before then (which, if could, might get all three charges dismissed). So I'm trying to sell some of my spares to get some cash to hopefully at least get my insurance and an inspection before court. The registration is a little trickier since the car is still in my Dad's name (who passed away April last year) and no-one knows where the title is. The saga continues...
  12. Salty42

    For sale

    Everything must go.
  13. Salty42

    My Bike

    Ins co has already deemed the bike a total loss. blue book is around $1800 and we got to $3500 real quick just pricing some of the stock stuff that was damaged, we didn't get very far into it before we realized this so we didn't even finish the estimate. what makes it suck more is even if the blue book was around $4000 and the damage estmiate was around $3000 almost every part is discontinued or unavailable. I'd be searching for months/years to try to replace this stuff stock. I've got lots of spare stuff laying around so I could probably get it back on the road but the sad truth is I just don't have the money to get it looking new. I think the best I could hope for is one badazz streetfighter. I had to figure out another way to/from work. I had a 91 maxima that has been sitting for over a year (didn't run very well) lo and behold after a year of sitting, the day I get into an accident someone broke out one of the windows on it and tried to steal the stereo (a tape deck). So the next day I stuck a new batt in and fresh tank of gas and drove it to work the monday following my get-off; I didn't make it 2 miles before I got pulled over and ticketed for no ins., expired registration and inspection.
  14. Salty42

    My Bike

    I tumbled down the road a little and was surprised that I had no major injuries. My bike slid into the guys car, which is why it got damage to both sides. I initially went down on the left side. frame is ok, motor seems ok, radiator cracked, clip-ons and levers fairly mangled, air horn crushed into oil filter, tank smashed in by clip-ons, key bent in half and ignition rashed up pretty good, upper fairing and stay bent and mangled, seat cowl toast, windshield obliterated, mirrors obliterated, gauge cluster obliterated there's more but all the main parts are ok mostly. If I do end up parting it out, you guys will be the first to know, still got lots of good parts. I know I could probaby double my money doing a full strip and part, but I've invested so much time into this thing I hate to dismember her, kinda feels like giving up, unfortunately I could really use the money. Still up in the air on it, especially since I'm still dealing with the guys insurance co who has deemed it a total loss but don't have an adjuster assigned to me and haven't yet ''determined liability''
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