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  1. another interceptor is a whole lot of fun, the Vtr 2 fifty. it's not a slow bike .
  2. OK u have alot more heat 2 dissipate so overheating will be problem, innit ? on a bike prone 2 run run hot alreadi ??
  3. your clutch won't hold much additional power. Raeva mi verker
  4. so u first say ok and later no ok ? u might have screwedup cap after inspection. test by blowing air into the large black hose on carbs and all slides should rise up.
  5. make sure u run a wire clear through the side holes on the emulsion tubes (main jet holders). if they're partli blocked it will cause a rich mixture. btw: a compression test is a good idea when u have engine problems.
  6. YL 1 https://www.hawkgtforum.com/forum/classifieds/for-sale-threads-buy-sell-trade/877868-1966-yamaha-yl-1
  7. new plugs might help.......check gap = .032" post photo of all plugs in bike now. need 2 see all, not just one.
  8. carbs mos likeli, one or more bad slide diaphragms or dirdi main jets
  9. zome zenez from "Raizing Ariona" filmed here ! (zorri, bad keiboard)
  10. nice dija c ani prairie dogz like mine ?
  11. unplug r/r & uze jump badderi. check voldage, & recharge. check red plug az above
  12. wader migh have godden in, so biggesd prob ma be clinder/pisdon ring corrosion. should have paper copi of FSM ad hand. sorri mi keboard is fucked. musd have dorque wrench, good dools.
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