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  1. Lacy: What's the exact color you used on your wheels? I had mine done in the Subaru WRX BBS gold. Guy that did them works in a body shop. He put about 5 clear coats over them. They look great. Pete
  2. Just stopping by, been gone for a while. How's things? Good I hope. :)

  3. Pics will come when I have the piece finished to my satisfaction. Sending PM regarding 2. Still fooling with that thing? I wondered what happened to ya... Just was curious... MD As a matter of fact my forks arrived from Ohlins today. The PO had really done a number on them. I replaced all of the seals/bushings/etc. I replaced the blue fork cap and outer leg on one of the forks. Gary at Ohlins had called earlier and the rebound adjustment rod was broken inside one of the forks. I think the guy I bought them from only had an adjustable wrench, a Swiss army knife, and various sized hammers for tools. The fact the forks had Ohlins valves in them already was one of the reasons I purchased them. Now they have been completely rebuilt, revalved for mine and the VFR's weight, and a new set of 1.1 RaceTech springs installed. I supplied all of the parts except for the rebound adjustment rod. Ohlins did all of the work for $290. Not a bad price. Mike Fitzgerald (Thermosman) is working there now. It looks like I'm making some progress on getting my back straightened out finally and I may get to ride this year after all.
  4. Twanged is when it goes on with a rubber mallet, Pranged is when the sledgehammer is called into service :blush: Luckily all on fleabay is not complete crap. Been waiting for you to update your thread on the rear caliper bridge line. Fancy making 2 ????? PO´s should not be allowed to work on their bikes, they will only bugger it up. Only " WE " can do it right and not cock it up :idea3: Still waiting on pics Pete Pics will come when I have the piece finished to my satisfaction. Sending PM regarding 2.
  5. Good going Bren. I agree about the comment you or someone else made about re-installing the LBS. I'd rather poke myself in the eye with a sharp stick. Taking the brake "system" off the bike has been the biggest PITA yet. I'm down to the bracket that runs from one side of the frame to the other behind the shock. Got all of the lines off (and yes, I got so frustrated with one line I just took some big ass cutting pliers and cut the SOB to get it off). Tonight will be removal of the shock so I can get the big "U" shaped bracket out from the internals of the bike. Big fingers and tiny spaces aren't a good combination. Been spending a lot of time making up a "de-link" connector. I made one out of 316 SS and it looks good, but it was a learning exercise. Making the final one now. It's basically an H shaped piece with one leg short and the leg to the middle port long. I made it this way so I can bolt the new brake line to the outside of the rear most port. With this configuration, I can run any brand of brake line I want and not worry about the thickness of the middle port banjo fitting. Having to do lots of jig work as I'm trying to get it dead solid perfect to the thousandths of an inch. Ralph (Tok Tokkie) gave me some great pointers on working with silver solder to hook all of this up. Forks are still at Ohlins. They took them apart and the PO had broken one of the rebound damping screw rods. Wheels are back from the paint shop and they are gorgeous. BTW, did we ever figure out the difference between "twanged" and "pranged"? :idea3:
  6. Calling a spade a spade, inverted forks from the factory would have been a nice up-grade to the 6th Gen about 2004 on-wards. As we are all proving, they already had all the parts on the shelf. It couldn't have been that hard for the engineers to do a little mix and match and have upgraded the bike from one year to the next. Kind of a 6½ Generation.
  7. Well put Kevin. :rolleyes: The springs are the "suspension" of the motorcycle. The shock absorber (be it an actual shock or the fork valving) simply controls the dynamics of the spring.
  8. I used PPG Omni, , but they recently can out with ProLine to semi replace Omni even though you can still get Omni. Done a few bikes and have been pretty happy with the results! :goofy: Kevin: Do spray your paint on or do you still use a 1" brush? Pete
  9. So are you saying all of these codes are the same color or does it take 7 numbers to constitute a PPG code? Stupid minds want to know. :fing02: Pete, a color CODE is the name or code for a color FORMULA. The list of components above is the autobody technician's "recipe" - the FORMULA for mixing up one pint of color CODE R157 red. Remember yellow + blue = green from elementary school? This is a more advanced version. The numbers following each line item is the weight or "part" of the product added to the mix. To mix the pint of R157 for you, the tech will take a pint container, put it on a scale, zero the scale, and add the amounts listed above. Gotcha :goofy:
  10. So are you saying all of these codes are the same color or does it take 7 numbers to constitute a PPG code? Stupid minds want to know. :fing02:
  11. GM: Would you happen to have the PPG code for that? PPG is what my GM body shop man uses. Pete
  12. Captain: Makes sense after looking at your pics again. As I said, it was a real mish mash of parts I bought. Wouldn't surprise me if there were some Kawasaki, Yamaha, Suzuki, or lord knows what thrown in the mix for good measure. Pete
  13. Russ: Studied your pics real close. The lower triple with the casting ridge ground off really looks good. Pete
  14. I know my lower stem is a 929. The top bridge I have looks like an SP-2. I did get a chance to write the original owner and he did a lot of work on the front end before he blew up the motor. This is what I have: As you can see, I have a lot of hardware to replace to get these forks looking decent looking. I think the previous owner only had an adjustable wrench, a pair of pliers, and a Swiss Army knife in his tool set. As soon as my springs come in, they're off to the suspension shop. Pete
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