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  1. Forgot to mention that the bearings had to be Swapped out from my old triples to the 954 triples. 954/929 have ball bearings and vfr had roller bearings. Was able to get them out with a punch and hammer would have been much easier with a press.
  2. Update the tail has been been dropped a couple of inches it now looks much better. I have Swapped out the front end for 954 /929 forks From the triples down as many of you know it has to be. I purchased some woodcraft Clip ons with a 3in rise to compensate for the much shorter forks. I took it out for a ride and oh man oh man what a difference, feels so much better than my old beat up forks. The braking power is great and with the ss braided lines it stops on a dime. Still have a lot more to do to have her looking clean and neat. Next up will be the headlight, gauges, pair removal.
  3. So here is what I got so far got a great deal on 954 forks and wheel rotors calipers top and lower triple. But I need to know if the controls are needed from donor bike or if I can use mine. I want to put superbike bars on so I know I may need longer brake lines but would like to know about how much longer.
  4. Nt 650 correct? Can't find anything on ntv 650
  5. For those of you that have done the swap with the r1 did you keep your controls or bring over the ones from the r1?
  6. Mine is naked so cutting doesn't matter just if lines need to be extended would be the only other thing.
  7. Has anyone done this on a 4th gen?
  8. Ill look into rc51 front end or r1 I'm not looking to lower the bike. What years front end for R1 work? RC51?
  9. Have searched the interwebz trying to find what exactly would be needed for a fork swap on a 4th gen. I have found a lot of information but nothing really telling me what parts would be needed other that the obvious forks. I'm looking to swap out for a 954 or an R1 From reading around it appears that the 954 would drop the front end is that true? Is it avoidable? What parts would I need for the 954 swap? What parts would I need for R1 swap? My 4th gen is already naked if it makes any difference.
  10. I can still adjust the height of the tail. So far the ride seems the same as riding my friends 954. I have got use to the look of it but sometimes get a look at a certain angle and I'm like wtf. No I'm not in England.
  11. Long story short some ass tipped my bike in the parking lot while i was at work, broken left side plastics and tail plastics. No info left on the scene no cameras around and I dont have full coverage.I searched the web and locally for OEM or aftermarket replacements for the plastics but no dice and the ones i did find would turn out to be more expensive than the bike. So I search for alternatives and find that you can do a mod to the 750 to put a 6th gen tail piece on. So I begin my hunt for 6th gen Subframe Plastics and seat. I find them relatively cheap, a little dinged up but straight. I also need to upgrade my rear shock as it is really bad and old, the best replacement other that dishing out some serious money is as we know is tge 929 shock which are available from almost anywhere really cheap, so i buy one. I bought a short Leo Vince Slip on to clean up the right side and show off the single sided swing arm i had to have the mid pipe modded so as to have it 'slip on', the flange was not there and the inlet was to wide of a diameter. Took it to a local shop. Great guys Exhaust Specialist by Louie in Burlingame $20 thats including the welding he did for the mount of the 929 rear shock. I'm still wotking on it. On going project daily commuter. The tail is just a tad bit higher than I would like but it still rides great. The short exhaust is not as loud as you think and I'm not an ass that rides in first gear down the block at 6am. The rear shock I made a 43mm extension. Bolt used is same grade as the one replaced. Cut a few inches of the 6th gen subframe and fabricated a bracket to mount to the already existing mounting points. Also had to fab a new buttery box I removed the heat shield from the subframe since it was not necessary to begin with. I like the overall look of it and I am still debating on puttting belly plastics back on or keep it like it is and also debating the front headlight and fairing I dont think it looks bad but I have always liked the round headlights. What say you VFRD? I got the idea from here http://www.vfrdiscussion.com/forum/index.php/topic/44897-6th-gen-tail-and-exhaust-on-4th-gen-vfr/?fromsearch=1
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