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  1. Really? Leaving the fan on will block airflow that much? Find that hard to believe.
  2. I can't find Rotella synthetic T6 5W40 at the Walmart north of Toronto, Anyone know of a source? Thanks, Jeff
  3. What is going to the centre of your rear wheel ? Speedo drive? J
  4. Absolutely beautiful work! I hope you have a big ugly dog sleep beside it at night!!
  5. JeffLaurence

    the old

    I give--- where is the pipe???
  6. Saw a story once, with pics, of a guy who removed all the tar and polished the WHOLE underside of his Honda NSX sports car-- frame, suspension, everything. Clearly alot of spare time!!
  7. Awesome , Mike, are you riding again? or soon? Best, Jeff
  8. Is that a custom exhaust? Sure looks nice......
  9. I notice this is a floating disc system isn't there some play in the 'buttons ' that join the carrier to the disc?
  10. Is the filter on the inlet side of the pump or outlet?
  11. I drove down to Daytona to watch Kenny in 1980. In the 200, he made ONE LAP , then retired with carb problems, oh well, he was (is) still the KING. Jeff
  12. sorry, but is there a PAIR system on a 3rd Gen (1990 Canada model)?
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