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  1. sfarson

    Colorado 059

    CrazyT... Sweet, nicely framed image.
  2. sfarson

    Skyline Drive

    Well thanks! But seriously, I'm thoroughly enjoying your images and captions, and the props are for you and for the tale you are telling.
  3. sfarson


    That is a very good photo. Thanks.
  4. True, they love the sodium found in urine. When I camped out with a friend in the Chicago Basin to climb the peaks in the area, a ranger asked us to wizz on the rocks instead of the tundra, for if the goats find urine on the fragile tundra they will dig it up and the scars last a long time. In the middle of the night I had to go, and under a moonless sky I couldn't find any rocks, so away I went. The next morning while I was high on nearly slopes I looked back and saw a herd of goats go right to where I had wizzed six hours previously! Fortunately when I returned to the spot they didn't dig up the tundra. Anyway HS, I rode to the top of Evans last Thursday the 31st with four others, including two riding from California. BTW, the Evans summit parking lot is at 14,130ft... 135 feet below the summit, but still higher than Pikes Peak's 14,114ft. But it is close!
  5. Ahh, still fine memories. Hey, did I read somewhere there is another Summit Meet this year, or is this thought from a dream one night? Gore Pass... Lunch in Oak Creek at the Cantina. Miguel's bike is "on" at the moment. Rather than let it idle and overheat, we hit the kill switch and unplugged things. In retrospect this probably preserved enough fumes to make it to Dillon. All I remember is Kevin passing me south of Green Mountain Reservoir opening/closing his hand. Later on I learned it was to note the low fuel light was blinking! Pics of Twentymile Road where we thought the key was lost. The last two pics made the book for the Twentymile chapter...
  6. Miguel... I always enjoy your ride tales. Great vid too, with a great tune... "It's been the worst day since yesterday" Ha. How about that smooth road surface. I've been all over that area on two wheels, calling on Wal*Mart, and annually riding across AR to visit a friend in Memphis. For variety, would take a different route most years. And yes, AR 16 is a lonely twisting thing.
  7. HS... Sorry I couldn't join in. My wife is out of town for the week and I needed to hang around. - Enjoyed the Independence Pass pics. All the snow - beautiful. - Yep, the southern sides of McClure Pass, and the divine curves of CO 133 to the Kebler Pass turnoff are some of the finest anywhere. - Thanks for the chip/seal warning on 92. Ugh. Will wait until later this summer as well. - Oh yeah... the two lane ascent (no ponderous traffic in the way) up the west side of Monarch is outstanding. SF
  8. Ummm, yes, this is true. The road over Squaw Pass is Colorado 103. Glad it was a good ride, a good meal, a new riding friend, and that you made it without a lack-of-sleep induced incident! Hey FWIW, I'm working with county R&B departments, CDOT, and other agencies to clean up the shoulders of roads (especially inside corners), and give motorcyclists some attention when it comes to road maintenance. In the foothills/mountains, gritty/sandy/gravelly/filthy road surfaces contribute to many losing control while on two wheels... and this includes bicyclists. I have a number of images captured from my phone when I make the case in motorcycle safety meetings, and here's one from High Grade Road you experienced while returning from Idaho Springs...
  9. Miguel... A great report with great accompanying images. Yes... the Aussies tend to be a gregarious, outgoing, friendly, live life fully kind of people. Thanks for the Red Lodge Inn tip!
  10. Don't know how long the Gore Pass campground has been closed, but read the other day how the Forest Service did not open hundreds of campgrounds this year due to fear off beetle killed trees falling on unsuspecting campers. Article went on to note 100,000 beetle killed trees fall over every day in Colorado. :ohmy:
  11. Miguel... Pleased to see you paid a visit to Twentymile. Kevin, Rob, Jeff and I know it intimately looking for your ignition key. :laughing6-hehe: Yes, the ContourHD coupled with Sony Vegas is a great combo. It is what I've settled on. Gread vids btw. Hey, things have come a ways since your vids recorded by an ancient Canon digital camera in movie mode! Hey, why don't you send a message to Bill and anyone else, and let's gather for another Monday ride. Steve
  12. Ahhh... memories. :fing02:
  13. Good and fine call HS. Have had a few fine bikes come and go through the barn here, but the 5th gen is a keeper. Let me know when you have her put back together. Retired back in Sept after 30 years of corp life. Fairly flexible for rides. :)
  14. Coincidently HS, I was there last Friday after stopping by Erico. A great and largely unknown place.
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