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  1. Thanks everyone for the ideas. Unfortunately I've never used heated grips in MN but I still ride down to about 30 degrees. I seem to have wasted $20 on the progrip and throttle rocker. The grips seem to be a bit softer but not larger in size. I think my hand hurts more with the progrips than the stockers. The throttle rocker snapped in my hand on a hard launch the day I got it. Granted, I did not get a throttle rocker brand but it seemed quite flexible. I think I may have to try the grip puppies and maybe a vista cruise unit to give my hand a rest on the longer rides. I may just try the Kuryakyn grips just to try them.
  2. I was just curious if anyone has tried these out? I put on just over 500 miles last Saturday and my right wrist was sore as hell! I could barely grip a beer afterwards. Currently I still have the stock grips but I think I might like to give these a try if anyone else has had good luck with them. I broke my wrist last summer (oops on the racetrack at 125) so I think that probably has a lot to do with my issue but I've also noticed that since I wear full gauntlet gloves that are almost racetrack worthy, I have a hard time getting a full grip with my hands even though it's hard enough to grip fully without gloves on. I'm hoping that a larger grip diameter may help alleviate part of my issue. My bike is currently 100% stock except for the new sargent seat I just stuck on a week or so ago. I would like to be able to strap some saddle bags on and head out of state for a little road trip sometime soon and I'm researching all that I can for parts to make the bike more touring worthy so any other ideas would be greatly appreciated. Before this bike, I've never owned anything that I would ever think of taking out for a road trip. I've always been local for the most part hitting twisties and making tons of stops on a 200-300 mile trip. Ok, back on subject...below is a link from Dennis Kirk that caught my eye. If you have tried them, please let me know what you think of them. Kuryakyn Black ISO Grips Thanks!
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