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  1. I'm going through a GSXR1000 K7 conversion (see VFR800 track project thread). So not exactly in your scope by the sounds of it... The way I see it there's no limit to what you can stick in there, just find something you like... Seems like alot of people like the F4i front, but wouldn't know myself. I was after a trackable solution, and radial brakes were a requirement to that. Mine has been an ebay project if anything else - how to do a FE swap on a shoestring budget (patience!!!) I think you could go a long way with that budget and maybe have change at the end of it... But don't get rid of your old forks in a hurry - alot of times (not always) you can keep the internals and fit them to other forks. I'd definitely look into this first, the F4i forks are not that far off it would seem, and Maxton makes some good kit, it'd be a shame to get rid of it if you don't have to.
  2. Thanks Bartman, top work! You're saving us all hours of bother!
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