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  1. I thought I would share my version of power distribution upgrades; 2002 VFR 800 VTEC, 3,700 miles, 1 owner till me. I picked it up a month ago. I rode it one week until the bike started cutting out on me! High beams on, day time riding. Just had Honda run the recall, they did the blue connector (front ground issues), and nothing else. I pulled the body off, to check thier work, and look for other problems. I found no signs of heat build up on any connectors. I did not rework the stator wires, as I plan on buying the upgraded Stator/flywheel set soon. I did however die-electric grease all connections and in/out them all several times to clean them off. On the Main 30 A fuse, I went with a "MAXI" type inline, which comes with 8 Ga wire. Much more conducting area for the higher full time current draw, don't ya think? Available behind the counter at NAPA. ( I forget the #, as I had a few on hand.) I put a 30A MAXI Fuse in there. Here it is compared to an ATO type; Soldered into the main.. I left the original intact, with the fuse pulled, maybe for accy's later. It fit nicely above the starter relay. I added 2 x 10 Ga ground wires soldered (tapped and wrapped) from the R/R to a crimp and soldered copper connector to the chassis, on a fairing mount bolt; Yes, I filed the excess solder, down to nice copper. Don't forget to emery cloth or file the frame mount spot clean, as the anodized aluminum is not a good conductor. I also ran 2 x 10 Ga wires from the two + 's on the R/R harness, into two sealed ATO in-line fuses, then back to a soldered connector at the battery post. (I went with 15 A each, as these run in parallel to the stock transmission line through the MAXI Fuse - the idea being double overkill so if the multiple stock connectors are compromised, the new path can handle most if not all of the charging current. The fuses are there top protect the wiring, not the components) These were only $3.69 at NAPA, behind the counter. (Different number and package, same item) - Ask to see their electrical parts catalog, lots of great modern stuff in there, most of it made by Buss. - the fuse people. Yes, I need to add some plastic conduit to that power line, I ran out. My Next step is another MAXI fuse to branch off the battery, and feed the headlight relays directly. Being a 20A load, I want to rip out the factory wires, connectors, etc and have my own clean power supply up to the repays. This will also let that 30A circuit that powers the rest of the bike, breath a little easier.
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