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  1. After market exhaust & rapidbike module. Ok, that explains the difference in power over 6,800 rpm. I wonder what difference you would get if you made those modifications first, mapped the fuel injection for optimum performance and then rigged the engine to run on 4 valves constantly and then mapped the fuel injection for that. My view is that VTEC is mainly for noise and exhaust emmissions, does nothing to improve performance and just adds a lot of complexity to the engine. JB
  2. I also don't understand the graphs. VTEC only affects operation of the engine below 6,800rpm. Above 6800rpm with all things being equal an engine running with VTEC and without it should give the same power curve unless other modifications were done at the same time and this would invalidate the comparison anyway. Also, regarding another comment regarding dyno runs being done at full throttle. The gas analyser on a dyno can be used to map fuel mixture for all throttle opening and engine rpm combinations in order to maintain optimum mixture under all operating conditions. Cheers JB.
  3. Has anyone out there modified a VTEC VFR to run with 4 valves per cylinder constantly? The earlier VFRs without VTEC had better bottom end grunt. It would be an interesting experiment to see if a VTEC VFR could be modified to operate with 4 valves per cylinder and see what the performance would be like between idle and 6,800 rpm after mapping the fuel injection on a dyno. Any comments?
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