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  1. Hello Cogswell,

    I'm the guy in Montreal still struggling with the removal of the rear shock on my 2009 VFR ABS. In your 2014 write-up I don't see any mention of removing the entire exhaust system as the manual states? The manual definetly states one must remove the entire exhaust system? The shock wont drop down unless you remove that exhaust collector(part of the 2 front cylinder headers), no? And that single bolt holding that collector(or whatever its called) is giving me a bitch of a time, no room for a socket or spanner, maybe an off-set box end wrench??!!

    Are you saying its not necessary to remove all 4 headers and still possible to lower the shock by lifting the swingarm? The lower mounting bolt sits right on top of that collector that the 2 front headers feed into?


    If you're still active I'd appreciate any help you can offer,



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