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  1. Your gonna have to follow the headlite wires and look for a burnt wire or melted wire.And the check the headlite relay.
  2. Switchblade


    From the album: Dragon Runs

    6th Gen Militia !!!
  3. Switchblade


    From the album: Dragon Runs

  4. From the album: Dragon Runs

  5. Bad stator, 4.5Vac reading is wrong. Replace stator,R\R and the connectors .
  6. Switchblade


    From the album: Dragon Runs

    Deals Gap
  7. From the album: Dragon Runs

    Deals Gap
  8. Yes those are the reed valves leave them out . Your lucky all the screws broke off on mine .
  9. I know there is little gratitude BUT i and many here thank you for your efforts .
  10. There claiming it's just a assembly problem so should be no difference but yeah it would have been interesting to see if there was any changes.
  11. As an RC30 owner, I just want to say thanks for getting it running and sharing the build. I saw your bike at the Handbuilt show in 2014 and really had no idea of its provenance. And Welcome ..
  12. Why? They are $70 shipped from Wicked Racing via eBay and the website. There you go ...
  13. Switchblade


    Great girl !
  14. On sale at Motomummy if anyone is interested. $80.00 https://www.motomummy.com/chain-kits-with-steel-front-and-rear-sprocket/12-oclocklabs-speedodrd/
  15. :sad2: Sounds like you made the right decision and good luck with your next project.
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