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  1. phobe

    VFR800 and 750

    Some older bikes of mine
  2. phobe


    What seat is that?
  3. phobe

    Geysers Road

    What seat is that?
  4. No. The restriction is presumably a timing retardation. A power commander only alters air/fuel ratio, not ignition timing. I've suspected that the restriction could be a clipped throttle map, rather than an ignition map. And if that were the case, the same would be true.... a power commander would have no effect.
  5. That loop is a drunkard's dream, if I ever did see one. ;)
  6. One of my favorites. Anyone going out that way also needs to ride the Bow Valley Parkway
  7. I haven't done a lot of riding since I derestricted it (long winter) but I have noticed a lot of tire spinning in first and a couple of unintentional power wheelies. I owned a whole series of motorcycles before my VFR which didn't have a gear indicator so I don't miss it that much. I have a pretty good sense for what gear I'm in. I'm hoping to do a PC5 this spring. I haven't decided if I'll buy the autotune module or get a custom map.
  8. phobe


    This is behind the hoodoo park southeast of Drumheller in the Alberta Badlands.
  9. Not my thing but good on you for making it work. I'd be concerned about the offset on a 7" wide wheel. Does the center line of the tire move out to the right a bit?
  10. So with the added weight and bulk from a tensioner and a big ugly shroud around the belt to keep debris out who is going to put a massive tensioner on it?? and why a shroud?? only a goober would do that. if i added my design i bet it would weigh less than .75 lbs Don't ask me, ask guys on the Buell forums how they like it when a little pebble gets munched by their belt drive.
  11. phobe


    Is that Needles?
  12. phobe

    On the Veefalo

    At first glance I thought this was Kevin Schwantz.
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