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  1. Happy Birthday, Lou!

  2. seadooloo

    new muffler pics

    Yes, I made it using a stock Y pipe and modifying the ends a little to accept these mufflers I bought from shadetree powersports. This system even sounds better than it looks, it has a deep base tone that sounds like someone going nuts on a Conga drum. It did require a little richening of the fuel mixture,but I really love it. The covers are R1 covers mounted backwards, I had to make a little attachment bracket, but I loved the way it turned out. Sorry I didn't reply sooner, I never look at these comments on the pictures I posted.
  3. seadooloo


    Always loved the Laser's. Although I personally never cared for the rear 8 spoke, your red paint and polished rim edges really make this bike stand out! Excellent job! It's beautiful.
  4. Now that is how you throw a 6 gen into a turn. It would be hard for me to believe you could take that turn on that bike any harder than you are right there. That is riding within your limits, just on the edge of those limits. Quite possibly not yours though , the bikes. :wheel:
  5. Photos of Laser modified exhaust
  6. I've got to agree with the rest of the guy's, It looks great. I don't believe anyone is thinking you have gone over the edge. The black tones it down a bit and helps our eyes to keep being distracted from all the shiney chrome stuff. Looking Good!
  7. Allright, Jigga. Going to Freddie Spencer! Now that's what I call a vacation! Not that you are going to relax, lay back and sip Margarita's or anything like that. Just something I would love to do with my vacation time. I envy you for this. I hope you have a great time and learn to ride so fast and smooth. :thumbsup:
  8. :blink: So, you're going to replace the large 5.8 gal fuel tank with something smaller, more performance oriented. Like maybe a CBR tank? :thumbsup: Do you think that is the best way to improve performance? :goofy: LOL.
  9. seadooloo


    Why have a goal that you may not attain. One thing for sure, that is one goal you are certain of attaining. Just one you may not be hoping for anytime soon! LOL.
  10. photos of installed digi gear indicator and carbon fiber bits
  11. Personally, I'm not too fond of it. (This coming from a guy with a dragon and flames on his VFR) You know what they say.. To each his own. :blink:
  12. Do you guy's really want someone to be trying to read your sign on your license plate? It seems to me, that could be inviting some nearsighted person to rear end you while they are trying to read your sign that says "back off". Anyway, getting back on topic. I like the idea of a brakelight quickly flashing at first, gradually slowing down, and then steady on. Great idea!
  13. Very nice install of your voltmeter. Unfortunately my voltmeter has a lot of other functions such as clock/stopwatch/temperature sensor/black ice warning lights and alarm/ and voltage readout with alarm. I got it through a site that Miguel recommended on another post regarding battery discharging due to electrical accessories. So, I had to come up with another way of installing it and since I have an '02 Vtec model I don't have many places to install such a device. The best thing I could come up with was to fabricate a bracket that would mount on my ignition switch so it would be right there where I need to keep an eye on it yet still be out of the way of everything else. The first photo shows my mounting bracket and voltmeter before installation. border='0' alt='user posted image' /> P1010023.JPG The next photo shows the bracket installed on the bike, ready to mount the voltmeter border='0' alt='user posted image' /> P1010029.JPG The next photo shows the completed installation border='0' alt='user posted image' /> P1010033.JPG The wires were just connected as per the instructions. A pretty simple 3 wire install anyone could do.
  14. I have been testing turbo city toms regulators for about 6 weeks now. Different pressures on different ones. What you guys are talking about doing is probably very close to what he does but I don't believe he just whacks them to preload the spring, thus increasing the fuel pressure. I have to believe he is being a bit more careful about what he is doing carefully measuring and calibrating each one to his proper specifications. His modifications do what he says they do and the original modified regulator I have from him is probably the best for street use, with way better slow speed control and also a slight boost in overall performance. But, the on that I have from him to test which is a higher pressure even than his original mod is an awesom improvement in accelleration and I guess you would say torque, with the only drawback being sacrificing low speed driveability somewhat. (it's harder to control in low speed maneuvers with the second, higher pressure regulator) I wonder if we can get turbo city Tom to make a regulator that adjusts between the 2 ranges for (like you guys have considered) an "on the fly" adjustable regulator. I would definitely be in on purchasing one of those. By the way I don't feel that turbocity Tom is the kind of guy to start sending 'hate mail' He probably is glad that you guys have started to be a little more scientific with your approach to this mod by actually checking the pressures you are creating with your hammer and punches so you can actually repeat what you have done with some success, even though I feel we should honor his research and success in curing the problems with our bikes by supporting his company and his ability to further improve on our fuel injection systems. He's not trying to rip anyone off, he is merely hoping to not be doing something good for someone without being compensated. I feel he is asking a fair price for his research.
  15. seadooloo

    Deals Gap June 2005

    That's awesome! I wish that my family could do an outing like that! Wife has a bad back though... she doesn't ride at all , not even as a passenger. Sometimes I feel lucky because it's good to get away by myself. but, other times it would be great to be able to share this experience with her. Just riding anywhere, but riding Deals gap or the Cherohala skyway is something she will likely never experience. At least I was able to share this experience with my 13 year old son, another great passenger. Maybe one day soon we will both be riding our own bikes at the Gap.
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