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  1. Hi, after further analysis taking into your account of the raising of the swingarm are you saying the rear shock will be able to drop down avoiding that entire exhaust system removal as per the Honda manual?? I sure hope so cause removing/installing all 4 headers looks like another PITA!!


    If you can send the pictures of how you get the remote adjuster to follow the shock through the swingarm I would be eternally grateful...buy you a beer or 3 next time I'm in Oregon!LOL!

    1. motohockey


      Thanks, for your time, I dont think the pictures will be necessary given your description of how to snake it through. I have already removed the entire fender, exhaust, underseat assembly and was about to try and wrap my head around the necessity to remove(as per Honda shopmanual) the entire exhaust system when I read your description. So, if i understand, once the shock mounts are all removed the swingarm can be jacked -up high enough to allow the shock to be moved past that exhaust collector box, right? Thank God for people who ignore Manuals and find a better way! 


      Honda's manual makes the same gross error when describing how to remove/install the stator. They want the tank and airbox removed instead of just attaching a wire to the stator's wiring and fishing it under the tank so you can pull the new one along the same path. Who writes these manuals? Maybe they just want the job to take twice as long so a Honda mechanic somewhere can charge big bucks!


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