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  1. motohockey

    rear shock

    thanks, pretty much what i suspected...another contributor provided instructions that made it sound so easy, no mention of the fender/exhaust removal...oh well, here in Montreal I've got the next 4 months to get it done...there is a suspension company close by called "Stadium Technologies" who will re-build the rear shock and front end...one of my riding buddies had his done and is quite happy with the results...I'd buy Ohlins if i could afford it....
  2. motohockey

    rear shock

    Sounds good but the shop manual steps include removal of rear fender assembly and the exhaust system!!?? Is that just overkill by Honda? I know that the manual seems to take the most convoluted path sometimes. When I changed my stator the manual said to remove fuel tank and a whole lot of other stuff just to feed the wire to the rectifier. There is a much simpler procedure thank goodness. Have you done the shock removal before? Thanks for your time Paul
  3. motohockey

    rear shock

    Hello, anyone out there have a good tutorial with pictures on how to remove rear shock from an 09 VFR 800 ABS? I have the shop manual but need all the help I can get!LOL! Also, looking to try and find the little rubber button on the dash panel that is used to change time, temps, etc...any suggestions? Honda only sells the whole panel assembly. Thanks

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