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  1. So did you tell them the lowest price you found "ServiceHonda.com the total was $76.27" and they beat it or did they just beat it without saying anything ? :unsure: I've yet to use them except for the Honda 3yr Protection Plan which was almost half of what my local Dealer quoted ($375 vs $699). :thumbsup: Well, by looking at the way the warranty is listed you either got a "good" deal, or a great deal. Is it a three year warranty, 12 mo factory coverage with a two year extension? Or do you actually have a 48 month total warranty now, 12 months factory + 36 month extension? I sell these and it is kinda hard to accept him selling a 36 month extension for 30.00 over cost. Might be counting on the service work you will bring him..
  2. Well guys I have been here at VFRD for about four years now, I used to log in as blueor2red when I was living near Mobile. I have since moved back to Tuscaloosa and began work here at Smith's Sport Cycles. Mine is one of the few VFR's we have worked on in my two years here, and to tell you the truth, this site is a great source of information since we don't have that many comming through the door. We will have a 2010 vfr1200f in here in about two months, I am trying to work the demo angle on that one :wheel: !!
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