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  1. Thanks for the response guys, although clearly its a personal preference. It seems most people go short and from a few other boards I'm on most who get long wish they get short however I just can't imagine clutching with 2 fingers, I'd think it'd be more fatiguing....I dunno
  2. Which do you prefer and why? Short levers seem to be the "in" thing however after doing my first long trip (30 hrs in a weekend of hill country) and shifting continusously through the twisties I found my left hand's fingers were killing me (getting arthritis). Would either make a diff? Long or short? Short do look sexy.... if you got any pics, particularly with hand placement on the lever that'd be cool to see!
  3. hey all, I had a post yesterday about PCIII performance and I definitely think I"m going to install one, however it was suggested installing a PCV w/ autotune. Going to the PC website and putting in my bike, 2005 VFR800, it only brought up the PCIII as an option, saying PCV was for 2009 models and newer (all bikes). Will a PCV work? Has anyone used it on a 2005? performance better than PCIII?
  4. Can anyone provide a link or step by step to what I need and how to do the following on my 2005 VFR: Change the front signal lenses from orange to clear Change the rear light from orange signals to clear signals as current on the 2006+ VFR's, and brake modulator for brake lights.
  5. Nice vid...quality looks good. I was thinking of picking up a couple to mount on the bike....how does the suction cup and sticky mounts work? Cam stays on with no problems? How is the quality for low light vids? ...nice bike btw, what are you using for a track bike?
  6. Has anyone ever tried GOPRO? I've read alot of decent things about their cameras and the quality of the camera's look decent. Decently priced...although they are a bit clunky and limited in recording time, but heck...you get a camera you can use scuba diving, bike anywheres... ? http://www.goprocamera.com/
  7. what kind of pipes are you running? they look slick....
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