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  1. VFRHusband


    That was all paint and pinstripe. Was that way for a seasom or 2 before it got dropped high side in the driveway in heavy gravel. RWB striped now.
  2. REALLY? Someone called that a parts bike? Beautiful.
  3. VFRHusband


    I forgot how good it looked all in the white....
  4. VFRHusband


    Yeah Tink, don't tell her that.
  5. VFRHusband


    Sorry RodneyBR, I fabbed them and the mounts since I got frustrated trying to find gen 3 slides...
  6. VFRHusband


    Sliders passess this "test" fine. Still on there now. She had a couple low - to- no speed tip over in gravel driveways. Sliders did their job.
  7. Did this Suzuki TL1000R Front end on the wife's Gen 3. Is better in the corners than stock the best I can tell. The biggest plus was in the breaking.
  8. VFRHusband

    My Fz1

    My 2004 Yamaha
  9. VFRHusband


    I'd LIKE to say this was the first and last test of the frame sliders..... But it was'nt
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