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  1. +1 one I did the same thing you did when I had to replace fork seals in my Gen 4. I have had all balls fork seals, front wheel bearings, and steering head bearings installed for 2 years now without issues.
  2. With the ST1100 cables I am stuck because the bracket that holds the threaded ends in place is too far. I took it to my fathers machine shop and brought it forward about an inch, but I haven't had a chance to install yet because of work. For the choke you can try removing the airbox and rerouting the cable directly to the left handle bar on top of where the throttle cables run through to goto the right hand side. I tested this from lock to lock with my spiegler kit and it does not bind.
  3. Jaime Daughtery built a custom 929 shock for me and made custom shim stacks for me, I run them with 15wt oil and hyperpro springs right now. I reverted back to this setup from 1.0KG springs and honda 5wt because the front end feels much more positive especially 2 up. I was happy with the original suspension before I threw a passenger in the mix. Plus being deployed at the time I fell in love with my 4th gen and figured I would not better it with a newer bike. (came from 07 R6)
  4. Interesting read BLS, how would trying this fare against a southern AZ summer? Many times last summer it was 105-117 outside during my commutes and long weekend rides. What would you suggest in that case?
  5. I have had good luck with Renthal grips on my bike, I bought the dual density kevlar ones. My main problem with them is the southern Arizona sun because if you commute on your bike out here the grips don't last very long. I ended up getting a set of grip puppies and they work great, I have had them a little over a year now and they still look great.
  6. My dad has them for his Vstar and they do work great for getting rid of vibration. I would try a good set of grips like what was suggested so far and a set of grip puppies,you can find them in the link below. http://www.casporttouring.com/cst/motorcycle/GRIPPUP/GPSMALL.html These work great if your looking for thicker grips and to dampen vibration some.
  7. Check this out http://www.diyautotune.com/catalog/megasquirt-complete-c-25.html This system is popular to run in engine swapped fieros, kit cars, and some tuning circles.
  8. daemontrym


    I made a couple passes through there when I was stationed at Ft. Campbell, I miss the roads there!! At least in Az we have canyons and mountains to handle my fix.
  9. I ran the Kevlar renthal soft dual compound grips which is the same consistency as the soft but last longer. I had them for 5 months and they worked pretty well but didn't last over the Az summer. I wore a whole in the palm and then replaced them. They are softer then OEM but not overly cushy where you would loose feel. They are tacky to even the worst gloves and have a great feel to them. Plus they get rid of some of the vibs as well, atleast on my 4th Gen.
  10. I would call them to make sure you have the right ones.. On my 4th Gen I had a hell of a time getting mine in and I had to tap them in with a rubber hammer and a wood dowl.
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