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    Cozeys map for non usb model power commander 3. Every other line taken out to work with rpm change every 500 rpms instead of every 250 rpms as with PC3 usb model. For some reason it would not let me use the .map file extension so I just picked another one that it would let me load. I think you can just change it manually from .mov to .map and it should work fine.
  2. Sweet!! I got the map up and running. Runs awesome. vtech transition is perfect. The exhaust note changes of course but the shift into tech is very smooth. If anyone wants the map modified for the non usb power commander let me know. Maybe I will try and post it. Thanks! I'm sending $5 to this forum. Money well spent.
  3. Ok. cool. I am copying the map. A bunch of searching gave me the answer. Does anyone have this map running on the non usb commander? How does it do?
  4. I have a power commander 3 but the non usb one. Is it possilbe to get the map on my unit?
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