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    Jacksonville, FL the ‘Anti-Dragon’, 9 curves in 874.3 sq. miles, not counting the cloverleafs.
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    '02 VFR800, '05 Acura RSX-S, 21-speed Mongoose mountain bike, (6) shovels, (3) rakes.
  1. A cold hamburger can be reheated quite nicely by strapping it to an exhaust pipe and riding forty miles.

  2. Thinking about putting up the Xmas tree, but, no kids (that I know of) , no wife...what's the point? Oh yeah, it's Christmas!

  3. What happened to my avatar?

    1. HispanicSlammer


      Click your profile then click on the blank pic till it says "change"

  4. dendron

    Bike (6)

    Still a blade with some sticky shoes and in the hands of a light person that knows how to ride.
  5. dendron

    DSC02762 Crop

    Now THAT is one gnarly barn! It's as though the thatch was placed there from on high. Hmmm...straight outta Middle Earth, Cogswell, nice shot, man. Hey, maybe, just maybe, you rediscovered a portal to Narnia. If only...:biggrin:
  6. dendron

    IMG 0495

    Fascinating pic, Dutchy, but shouldn't they be facing the other way like the Harley guys? :biggrin:
  7. dendron


    Those would be 2 Bros. carbon fiber cans.
  8. Antique plate? OMG, I didn't realize I was that old. Didn't this 1st gen come out just a little while back in 1983? Oh yeah, sorry, that WAS 28 years ago...GASP!
  9. Oh my, obviously you guys live in Middle Earth!
  10. dendron


    Umm, if there's a fuel cell and a Givi top case in the pillion position, what's that business on the tank?
  11. dendron


    Good shot, now all it needs is a can-ectomy. :lurk:
  12. dendron


    Timmay....there's an awful lot of flat black - the new black - going on here. :biggrin:
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