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  1. 1LuckyDude

    pics 001.jpg

    Sorry...no muffler=no respect. You are doing the motorcycle community zero favors by running around on the street with an obnoxiously loud bike. Put the mufflers back on... :pissed: Nice dam pic though. :fing02:
  2. 1LuckyDude

    White Knight

    pics of my 93 VFR
  3. Was great to meet you Dutch. Fun ride and all too short. We'll have to fix that soon. :fing02: Great pics too. :beer: Jon
  4. Give's a whole new meaning to an "Iron Butt Ride". :laugh:
  5. Just wanted to add my .02 on this... Most car audio shops have quality wire (in just about any gauge you need) and connectors for just about any of these wiring upgrades. Easy to source, and cost is pretty decent. :rolleyes: Easy to make your own harness if you have the proper stuff to start with.
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