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  1. Hi George, Good question, I really dont know the answer but I think that it was talked about a few times in a previous thread. See what a search of that topic will get you. Anyway going to a 520 chain and sprocket has to help at least a little, it would be easier for the bike to accelerate the lighter weight assembly,but I guess what you really want to know is can you feel it in the " seat of your pants". ed
  2. Keithbob, Very clean installation,maybe I am being a little silly,but does one have to go to a Honda Marine dealership to get one of these. Do you know if they can be purchased on line? tks ed
  3. Thanks Rosso, I'm sure it was quite a trip and one that you will remember. A Corp. that I worked for some years back applied for ISO9001 certification. I just want to say that much blood,sweat and tears and dedication are required to gain ISO certification. So with that said ,you can bet that WP will be on the suspension map for quite some time. I was introduced to WP some years back when I had a friend that was a tech inspector @ Unidella MX track in upstate N.Y.During the MX-GP series I was privy to getting into the bike and rider areas and had a chance to talk directly to the factory mechanics .Several European teams were using WP and that was in the 1980"s . So even without seeing your write up I know they make a first class product. One of the problems that I saw ,when trying to get a set of WP shocks for one of my previous bikes is that they are so damm expensive. If I remember correctly their prices scared me away. I think they need to do a marketing study of American price points and such. They just dont have that strong of a reputation in America to command their pricing. Once their products have earned the great reputation that I am sure they have, then they can get pricey. Anyway thats my humble opinion. eddie
  4. Guys; Please help me try and identify this item. Not sure but whoever owns the red ,I believe 4th gen,or the orange 5th gen,what year or P/N are the foot pegs? I like them because they do not have the rubber insert that sits on top. I seem to catch my shoe on the rubber part now and again. I think the plain metal pegs would be better. tks eddie
  5. Howdy CR; Glad your new electronics worked out for you,makes it all worth it ,that is spending the money and getting a nice improvement . Just be careful about leaning out the bike in the higher gears. Your engine is under the most load when its in its higher gears,especially when its in the upper RPM ranges. Any self respecting drag race car will have a system,and they vary widely, that will richen up the fuel mixture or retard the ignition timing when it goes into top gear. Retarding ign. timing is another way of reducing the load on an engine . Even though I am not familiar with the PCV,I do have a PC3 on my bike and am pretty familiar with it. I dont want to see anyone scattering their engines,so hopefully ,I can lend my experiences to you guys .
  6. Hi Frodus, I am torn,when you said super low mileage bike I envisioned a complete restoration of a classic bike,but since you didnt go in that direction, I guess then, this is second best. If I understand your project correctly,its an electric motorcycle only,and not a hybrid? Would it be possible to mount a small gas engine plus all the electrical equip on a cycle to make it a true hybrid, or isn't there enough space to do it? Looking forward to your write up after you have had it out for a few test runs. eddie
  7. I used their off road sprockets, but that was many years ago, when I used them they were still made from aluminum. The unique thing about them was a special groove or cut on the sprocket tooth that was supposed to improve chain and sprocket longevity. All I can remember about their products was that I never had any breakdowns with them during races or trail rides. Also the quality seemed good and customer service was not a problem. Now if any of you can interpolate my data to this new item then I suppose I may have been some help. eddie
  8. After reading all the hype.about Radar sliders I would seriously like to be on the list also. Yes I saw the picture of the above slider,but is there a catalogue page that shows the color options and such? Also what is the approximate cost for a set of them? thanks eddie
  9. Veefer; Just asking,but would it be possible to take your current rotor and have the surface milled flat,if so could you have the machine shop drill a simple pattern of holes on the rotor so in effect you would have a good rotor surface with drilled holes for heat and weight without buying a new one and at least you would know what kind of metal you have. Or am I just doing wishful thinking by trying to save an old rotor and paying the machine shop more than the Chineese rotor costs? eddie
  10. They look so nice. Anyway did you have them sent out or do it yourself? If it has to do with paint stripping,yuk,but the finished product is beautiful. Also the polishing aspect, without giving away secrets , whats the general process? Also,what have you done to protect them from corrosion? EDDIE
  11. Well, guess thats,that. If we do a group buy you can count me in on being in for a fifth gen kit. Thanks to all who gave their feedback and put in that little demo installation. I thought it was very well done! eddie
  12. Hi all ya hot runnin VFR dudes, If this has already been said ,my apologies. Anyway,I couldnt agree more, but whatever it takes, the fan really needs to come on sooner so it can get a jump on the heat. Has anyone ever checked if someone makes a thermo swithch that is adjustable or one that would come on sooner? My second comment is ,I dont think we need to spin the fan motor backwards. I recently bought a new Honda fan blade that has a reverse pitch on it. The fan is made to pull air out of the engine area,thus it will go with the flow. If anyone is interested I can let you know the Honda P/N . eddie
  13. Hi Toro,We spoke about this some time ago, I am sure lots of people can say that, however I just live a few towns over from you in Valley Forge. Just giving the presentation a quick overview,I thought it was very well done via photos and text. Alot of us can look at something in our dreams and imagine it and thats where it starts and stops. You took this from its inception and stayed with it until completion. Its very easy to get board with any project, no matter how interesting,so again credit is due for not loosing site. You have made all interested VFR'ers proud. One question that I would like to ask,what effect do you think your system will have on long term reliability? I know you will have to answer this hypothetically, but just wondered what your thoughts were. eddie
  14. onedowneaster


    Very nice,different,whose exhaust are they? eddie
  15. Howdy Honda Guy; Yep, both look like fine pieces of equipment to me. Good luck with them. ed
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