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  1. Go to harbor frieght and in the drill section you can find a 3 or 4 piece set of drills 20" long for like $5.95 or so. Worked great for my install. vince I paid about $20 for the tools needed from Lowes. The directions are straight forward. I did find that my hole was a little off when I went to mount the plastics so I used a Dremel with a grinding bit and shaved the hole little by little till it was perfect. All my plastics are off for a new paint job as soon as I get them back I will take lots of pics with the sliders attached. Radar, thank you very much. I love how they look. I was pretty worried about cutting my plastics but it went really smooth. You have made a great product!
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  3. Correct. It is hanging off of the mount from the bottom two holes. I am loving the lighting ideas guys.
  4. Ok, quick update. This morning I had myself and another guy get on the bike (over 450lbs total) and the suspension bottomed out but there was still a couple inches of clearance for the plate mounted off the bottom brackets. I am going to play with some ideas of putting something behind the VFR cut out, maybe some LED's so that is rally stands out. I will get more pics posted as I play with it.
  5. I just had one of my stems break 2 weeks ago. Cost me $70US to replace. Really made me mad that I have a perfectly good mirror but had to buy the thing. Next time (um yeah there should not be a next time) I will try this.
  6. Light looks good. I will have some pics with it on tomorrow. I saw the idea from another forum on here with your plate. I was worried about clearance so I have a friend that is about the weight as me sit on the bike and there is about 4" of clearance. I will still need to check it with a passenger. I have to say that the install was really easy. Took about 40 mins with this being my first time taking the rear apart. Could easily be done on 20-30mins,
  7. Thank you very much Kanadian Ken it looks great. Old ASS: http://picasaweb.google.com/gpf2ez/VFR#5246424808293092994 New ASS: http://picasaweb.google.com/gpf2ez/VFR#5246424273867367138
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