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  1. https://www.ebay.com/itm/HONDA-1998-2001-VFR-800-GALFER-FRONT-REAR-CLUTCH-BRAKE-LINE-KIT-11-LINES/253357251375 Just have someone in the US ship it to you...
  2. This is why I am not proactive. "If it ain't broke, don't fix it." My OEM is still good after almost 20 years and 54K miles. Even on the 750F's, I waited until they died before replacing with cheap aftermarket. My 750 is running strong with a $20.00 R/R.
  3. That is absolutely correct. I have changed a tire or two. I have only seen one front tire with a puncture. It was from a guy running over a board. I have found some really neat stuff inside of people's wheels. Even large allen wrenches.
  4. You want the optional backrest. The Gunfighter and Lady saddle is the seat. #02-SB Ovalbac Standard Backrest (each) $257 If you search eBay, you will find a lot of 50-60.00 knock-offs which will fit the hole in the pilon. https://www.ebay.com/itm/SX4-Memory-Foam-Driver-Rider-Passenger-Backrest-4-Harley-Metric-w-Corbin-Seat/391487306061?hash=item5b2676394d:g:xCMAAOSwGIRXZeZi:sc:USPSPriority!28906!US!-1
  5. Just want to say thanks for posting this. When I read it, I was like WTF. I work on a lot of bikes and I can think of two spark plug related issues I have seen in 36 years of wrenching. My 1996 has 27,7xx miles. I thought, maybe I should check mine. Usually I replace plugs at 50K miles. Let me just say, If you have a forth Gen VFR and have not checked the plugs, you might want to open up the bike and have a look see. When I saw your picture, I knew exactly what happened to the plug. I hit my back two first. Yep. Both were only hand tight in the hole. Jumped on the front two the one on the right was snug but not torqued. The left was just again hand tight. You can see in the pictures, that fuel and exhaust were blowing past the plug. The bike still ran fine. I ran down to Car Quest and picked up new NGK CR9EH-9 Part # 7502. The bike ran fine before, but now after a quick trip to the Cherohala Skyway this morning, the bike is running awesome like a VFR should. Your other problem, I suggest replacing the Regulator/ Rectifier and battery first before replacing any other electrical part. I am 85% sure this will correct the electrical issues you are having. At 7K miles, the RR has not been replaced with a better one.
  6. Come by the house, I can put on a new set with 2019 date code Dunlop Roadsmart II in less than an hour.
  7. I use Snap-On or Derek Weaver computer balancer. My changers are a Coats 220 or Derek Weaver which is the same model as the Coats Base Line. I let the owner watch. It is hard to scratch a wheel with a decent machine, but it does happen. Using sh1tty tools or tire irons can destroy the finish worse than a machine. My automatic machine puts all the force on the tire. It never prys against the wheel. When I upped my price to twenty dollars per wheeel, one of my neighbors got all pissed at me and bought a Harbor Freight changer... After he f--Ked up his wheels, he is now coming back to me. 20.00 is more than reasonable to have someone with skill, experience and the proper tools work on your bike. Here the average tire change is 50.00 to 80.00 per wheel. No one has better tools than I do. I am not even a shop or business. Just a rider doing tires by word of mouth.
  8. gr8vfr

    Tires on sale??

    Rocky Mountain has RoadSmart II for 173.08 and free shipping. I ordered four sets last week and all were either made 1119 or 1219. Dunlop must have had enough people ask for them. I have worn out a few sets year ago and they are decent sport-touring tires. https://www.rockymountainatvmc.com/tires-and-wheels/dunlop-sportmax-roadsmart-ii-rear-motorcycle-tire-p?il_source=tires&il_medium=main-dunlop-roadsmart-ii-tires
  9. I have changed tires for quite a few riders on this forum. IF you are coming this way to slay the dragon, I am not far from there, 20.00 a wheel and one hour of downtime. You can have your favorite choice of tires shipped here. If you order from https://www.rockymountainatvmc.com/ Tires are usually delivered to my address next day. Check me out: http://www.ridewnc.net/services.html
  10. 27777 Miles and counting. I forgot how great this bike is. This one I will probably regret selling. I have had many of these and this is the best one I have ever owned. It always starts and it has never left me stranded. I have installed everything I like on a bike. This bike needs nothing. 2000 VFR800 Mirrors - No more condom mirrors All Galfer braided lines - front and rear brakes and clutch EBC pads - front and rear Corbin seat which has been redone by Sargent Heated grips Zero Gravity VFR800 rear wheel - you safely can ride on a 180/55-17 tire. No more searching for a 170 tire. Yoshimura slip on Tank bra Yes. The RR has been replaced. This bike is almost exactly the bike I had back in the nineties. Unmolested. Still has the original chain guard and tag fender. Nothing has been chopped off or ruined. I have most of the parts I replaced... Windshield- OEM & GIVI Exhaust Seat I would love 3500.00 but I need the room in the garage. So cash talks. This bike is located in Murphy, NC The best way to contact me is : MikeE@RideWNC.com
  11. That is a beautiful bike. There is no way I would be able to part with it for 3500.00. I wouldn't sell my red one for 3500.00. Please reconsider before some non- vfr lover gets it and wads it up on one wheel.
  12. It is good to see you with that beast!
  13. Dang D-... You are cheap. I am here for you. If you buy tires from me, I charge 10.00 per wheel. I sell tires at JakeWilson.com pricing or less. You could ride down, get new tires and scrub them on the Gap during the way home. http://www.ridewnc.net/services.html I miss you guys. I haven't made it to the store in quite a while.
  14. Your rant doesn't hold water here. Also your rant does fit the whining which I often here from Metric owners. Almost the same words. The HD guys say please and thank you. When I give them a price they don't even blink an eye. When they pay there is always a large tip. I am not sourcing my personal intel from one HD owner. So far it has been all of them. ALL. I have worked on more HD's in the last year than metrics. And since you don't know me, I am not a business and I wrench on a lot of bikes. I will continue to support HD owners. They pay without complaining about how poor they are like you just did. Honda could market their swag just like HD does, but guys like you would refuse to buy a 200.00 leather Honda jacket and wear it to dinner. If you want to ride you have to be willing to shell out some cash for quality goods and services. You get what you pay for in this world.
  15. Unfortunately, the vast majority of metric riders are cheap. They purchase cheap parts, they expect cheap service. One of the things I like like most about Harley owners. Money is not an object. I have been gaining more Harley riders at the house because they have heard that I will baby their machine afford-ably. And they reward me handsomely for my efforts. I have even lessened the amount of HD bashing which I do. I have had Sportbike riders try to haggle with me over my tire and install prices. Then they get their feelings hurt when I tell them to "F - Off!" I save most riders 100.00+ over a dealer, on two tires and that is not enough for some. Now my shameless plug: If you are not using http://www.sprocketcenter.comyou are just paying too much. The guy who owns Sprocket Center absolutely cares about riders. I give him as much business as I can send his way. Just my way of showing my appreciation for his labors.
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