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  1. I LOVE my fifth Gen. But when riding my forth Gen... The fifth does everything good. The forth does it GREAT! I would love to have the linked brakes on the forth and that 750 motor just pulls harder than the 800. There is no comparison to the lean angle. The forth can really get down low in the corners. The fifth gen just starts dragging parts too soon. When it comes to a ride through the mountains, I tend to jump on the forth and go. My fifth seems to be used for friends to ride when they come up.
  2. Full Boat Touring 5Th Gen

    I can't stress this enough... If she doesn't like the VFR- She is not going to like the Concours 14 even if you drop the 600.00 for a Sargent's seat. The Concourse has more power but the VFR has more cornering angle. Stay away from the Concours. You have already got VFR standards and Kawasaki can't live up to those standards. A Concours 14 is very hard to sell once you've decided that you truly hate it. Look at the FJR and ST1300. If money allows check out the BMW R1200RT.
  3. Full Boat Touring 5Th Gen

    I had the Concours 14A. Save your money. The VFR is better! I bought the 2005 BMW1200LT on eBay for 5800.00 from Max BMW in Conn. We made a road trip out of getting it. We flew up and the salesman picked us up at the airport. We paid for the bike and set off on a two day journey home. I used Skymiles and hotel points for everything... I had food gift cards to eat on. The trip was under 200.00 out of pocket. If you buy a K1200LT 1999-2004 are the first series and I had a 2002. It was lacking comfort items. 2005-2009 are the years to buy. I found many out there with under 40K miles around 7000.00. The one I bought had 39K and every option I wanted execpt passenger armrests and XM radio. Those have been ordered. Look for a BMW with all of the farkles. Those are usually the better maintained ones.
  4. Full Boat Touring 5Th Gen

    My wife put a stop to riding on the back of the VFR. She is small at 5'2" about 110 pounds, but she said it is way to cramped for a day trip. So my Y2K VFR has been parked in the lonely corner with no one but Ms. Pacman to talk to. We bought a BMW K1200LT for touring and now she is much happier.
  5. Full Boat Touring 5Th Gen

    Time for the E55 top case.
  6. Possibly Goodbye Vfrs And Thanks!

    That is a beautiful bike. There is no way I would be able to part with it for 3500.00. I wouldn't sell my red one for 3500.00. Please reconsider before some non- vfr lover gets it and wads it up on one wheel.
  7. Badlands National Park

    It is good to see you with that beast!
  8. Tire Changing For Cheapskates

    Dang D-... You are cheap. I am here for you. If you buy tires from me, I charge 10.00 per wheel. I sell tires at JakeWilson.com pricing or less. You could ride down, get new tires and scrub them on the Gap during the way home. http://www.ridewnc.net/services.html I miss you guys. I haven't made it to the store in quite a while.
  9. Sidewinder Sprockets Word Of Warning

    Your rant doesn't hold water here. Also your rant does fit the whining which I often here from Metric owners. Almost the same words. The HD guys say please and thank you. When I give them a price they don't even blink an eye. When they pay there is always a large tip. I am not sourcing my personal intel from one HD owner. So far it has been all of them. ALL. I have worked on more HD's in the last year than metrics. And since you don't know me, I am not a business and I wrench on a lot of bikes. I will continue to support HD owners. They pay without complaining about how poor they are like you just did. Honda could market their swag just like HD does, but guys like you would refuse to buy a 200.00 leather Honda jacket and wear it to dinner. If you want to ride you have to be willing to shell out some cash for quality goods and services. You get what you pay for in this world.
  10. Sidewinder Sprockets Word Of Warning

    Unfortunately, the vast majority of metric riders are cheap. They purchase cheap parts, they expect cheap service. One of the things I like like most about Harley owners. Money is not an object. I have been gaining more Harley riders at the house because they have heard that I will baby their machine afford-ably. And they reward me handsomely for my efforts. I have even lessened the amount of HD bashing which I do. I have had Sportbike riders try to haggle with me over my tire and install prices. Then they get their feelings hurt when I tell them to "F - Off!" I save most riders 100.00+ over a dealer, on two tires and that is not enough for some. Now my shameless plug: If you are not using http://www.sprocketcenter.comyou are just paying too much. The guy who owns Sprocket Center absolutely cares about riders. I give him as much business as I can send his way. Just my way of showing my appreciation for his labors.
  11. Do-It-Yourself chain rivet tool

    http://www.ebay.com/itm/Motorcycle-ATV-Chain-Cutter-Breaker-Riveting-Rivet-Tool-Sizes-428-520-530-/190722980930?pt=Motors_Automotive_Tools&hash=item2c67f9bc42&vxp=mtr Under 40.00. There is no excuse to make tools. Well, unless you hate using the right tool for the job.
  12. Do-It-Yourself chain rivet tool

    The nice thing is that you can go to yard sales and flea markets and pick up old c-clamps made in the USA for under 5.00. Bolt cutters are the best chain breakers.
  13. My VFR on top of Australia

    Isn't that picture upside down?
  14. Just scored on a Corbin seat +backrest!

    I just had Sargent's redo the Corbin for my forth gen... They do beautiful work. I have a Corbin Gel on my fifth gen... It has held up great over the last twelve years. But I am definately a Sargent's fan moing forward. Their quality and customer service is spot on!
  15. 12 - Justin Smoking.jpg

    All good until he gets wacked in the head by an oncoming truck mirror... Tell him to get off the yellow line. He has ten feet of lane to use.

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