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  1. It's starting to "WIND UP"......... :P boy you guys are gonna love this one....ive read countless oil and filter threads and out of all of the opinions ive read i went my own way. i wont bash another person for their choices of what they use or how often they do it. it is your bike and your choice! im sure most will disagree with the choices ive made. ive logged over 230,000 miles so i believe my opinion is valid. ive always used the cheapest oil avaliable...the cheaper the better...i never buy motorcycle spec type oil. good ol car oil has worked for the last 15 years and counting. castrol,valvoline,penzoil..ect..it really doesnt matter. ive always used 10w30 as all of the bikes are liquid cooled. filter wise ive used everything from honda to fram to wix...out of 230k miles and 15 years i have never had an oil related problem or issue....motor,clutch,transmission....nada! and yes alot of the oil is labeled energy conserving! it really DOES NOT make a diffrence. i remember when syn was a really big topic when i first started riding,most people said not to run it because you would have clutch problems out the wazoo. funny now 15 years later its posted as the best type of oil to use...lmao! same with filters...stay away from fram or the lesser types....lmao! i know the web sight that will be used to show many filters that were cut open to show the internals.....fact is ive used all of the ones listed and many others that arent. havent had a single issue with any of them regardless of the price paid.my current oil is quaker state and penzoil...10w30...yes its energy conserving..got them for about 1 dollar a quart on a clearance sale and my oil filters from ebay(wix)got them by the case(12)...a little over 5 dollars a piece delivered. thats about 9.50 an oil change compared to 30-50 that some people spend(higher if you take it to a dealer).im not trying to change anyones mind on what to use and what not to use...thats your choice....just want to bust any rumors that get posted oh so to often. thanks for readin this looooong winded post ....safe ridin... this was a response to another thread here....i stand by it 100%....thanks baileyrock for the info on the cheaper filter...now ill go from 9.50 an oil change to about 6 bucks....ill keep others posted about anything that arises from the usage of cheap oil and filters...doubtful that any will ocurr... :fing02:
  2. having owned a 99vfr and a 03 rc51.....jes...i have to agree with you 100% on the fix....5th gen vfr's run on the hottttt side....specially when the temp get's in the 90's...the rc was a oven in those temp's....i did the same fix on the rc51 and the heat problem was resolved perfectly! im amazed at how many people will argue or disagree with a fix that works as well as this one....i only wish people would be more open minded....this was the response's i got when i posted your fix on the rc51 web site.....unreal! http://www.speedzilla.com/forums/rc51-tech...html#post483597 my vfr overheated twice and the rc at least 5 times....after the fix the rc never overheated again...and the temp always stayed below 225.
  3. i was so happy when i read this thread!!!! i remember my 99 5th gen...it always ran hot...unless it was 70 degrees out it was a pressure cooker. my last bike an 03 rc51 had the same problem...i remember reading peoples suggestions on how to fix this..www.rc51.com...everything from reversing the polarity to water wetter to crazy expensive carbon fiber shrouds that redirected the air flow....man what alot of work to correct a simple thing that honda screwed up..so i made the suggestion that changing the direction of air flow would clear up the problem...people shot me down quicker than a duck during hunting season....some said it would even make it run hotter....so as usual(like you) ....i went my own way and did the exact same thing.....lmao!!!!! it worked...really well!!! when i sold the bike i put it back to stock....kept all of the old parts....hopefully when time and work permits ill have another 51 to use for those track days i always seem too short of time for. job well done....safe riding :biggrin:
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