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  1. Hey Jon, you coming to Moonshine this year?


  2. :rolleyes: Did I miss something??? :blink: IMG_0295.JPG IMG_0298.JPG ha...I never knew what those were for till now....they look pretty strong. Guess I can carry a couple of midget people on each saddlebag including a passenger with all those helmet locks now...lol
  3. I'll have to take some pictures of it when it's not raining out and a video of locking in a helmet...it's a very convenient setup to have. Just have no idea what-so-ever why Honda doesn't include these on more of their bikes, or at least make this an option?
  4. oh I've never had a problem what-so-ever with them being in that area, it's really not any bit hot at all. The only thing I've ever had happen was a rouge spider getting into the helmet and at speed crawling up the facemask, and sometimes get some fog from say a rainstorm, and litely wet neck padding because of it - but that's any helmet lock.
  5. Motion-Pro Helmet Locks for your 6th Gen VFR The Story I do a lot of 2-up riding with the wife, and we’ve been running into an issue with not having room in the Saddlebags for the Helmets over the Jackets and Gear for the late cold rides back at night. I came across a post of a guy who had bought a universal helmet lock and bolted it to the frame tube on his VFR that runs just below the front portion of the seat. So I located a Bolt-on Helmet Lock in the Dennis Kirk Catalog (free if you sign up for one at their website) – and took measurements of the frame tube. The VFR tube is 1” exactly. The only available Locks are in 7/8” and 1”. Oddly enough, the only ones in Black are the 7/8” Locks. Chrome is the other option – but it’s the only one that fits the VFR. I looked at the lock in the picture and decided what the hell. The 7/8” ones could be ground open a bit, and the bolts where long enough to bridge the gap it would make. So I bought two of the 7/8” Black Locks - because it’s just two crowded for two Helmet on one lock-set; and this way there would be one Lock per side. When I got them in I found that mounting it to the rear of the bar against the passenger footpeg bracket would be the best spot because in the forward position in would rub my leg. I also rotated it downward so that it wouldn’t stick out (it’s somewhat tall), and so that I wouldn’t have to cut the plastic cover pieces beneath the seats. I ground out the locks on the sides and trimmed them a bit. Then I moved them into position and mounted them. The only modification that needed to be made was on the Right side of the VFR in the lower Plastic Piece as seen in the picture (below the right tube). It has to be notched for the backside bracket of the lock to clear the tube. On the Left side, the backside bracket had to be inserted at the front of the tube and slid backwards, pushing on the battery cover and sliding it into the final position at the back side. The Bolts aren’t black – and it’s something I am going to eventually work on, but they are designed to prevent someone from turning the Bolts (Machine Screws) back out. Overall I am pleases with them. Other Bikes like the Honda Shadow and a lot of the Kawasaki Cruiser/Streetbikes (not sport) have these as add-on options. In fact, something I considered exploring was to look up these bikes and seeing if they came in Black. One big reason why I did not paint a chrome one myself is that a key would easily scratch the paint off it. And powdercoating one is complicated because the powder gets sucked into the lock mechanism and there are moving parts and such – I just was thinking it would be easier to modify a black one and install it – and I am happy with what I’ve worked out. Sourcing Parts Dennis Kirk Catalog #501385 (enter the above in a google search for the Dennis Kirk Product Description Page) Motion Pro 7/8 in. Mount Black Helmet Lock $22.99 a set, $45.98 for two sets, $6.95 for UPS Shipping, for a Total of $52.93
  6. BASFjon

    '07 VFR Mods

    Mods to the VFR for posting
  7. Anti-slip Rear Seat Cover for Passenger This seat cover is the bomb!! In '09 I had to a way to keep my wife from sliding herself (and me in the process) into my tank on hard stops; especially after I treated the seats with Leather Conditioner which made them especially slick. This Triboseat Cover did the trick!! It is similar to the foam grip rolls that you lay out over your tool chest drawers to keep tools from sliding around, but is way more durable and has some kinda of almost sticky resin application on it. After using it for a good 40 or so trips with her on back, I can say it's durable, works wonders, she stays perfectly planted, and best yet is it's very affordable. I paid $20 shipped to get it. It even works well on my Corbin Seat (however I had to pull it tighter in some sections then others - which is completely understandeable since the corbin is more contoured, but it was very easy to do). You can find these under "Triboseat" on eBay. Triboseat eBay Anti-slip Seat Cover Seller
  8. See you at Moonshine!

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