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  1. +1 on hippo hands & heated grips. I hateHATEhate winter gloves. I wear my summer gloves year round with no issues. Although the hippo hands certainly do look r3tarded. :laugh:
  2. Yeah, even after all the vids online, the sound kind of caught me off guard when I first fired her up. Didn't take me long to warm up to the sound though .
  3. Yep - search the forum for 'gutted' and you'll find a wealth of info.
  4. So I just installed a gutted exhaust I got from another VFRD member for a heck of a deal. I purchased a sound meter for $.99. It's an iPhone application . I held the phone in my left hand (arm extended) while on the right side of the bike with my right hand on the throttle. Stock exhaust: Idle was 63dB. 4300rpm was 74dB. Gutted exhaust: Idle was 73dB. 4300rpm was 80dB. This was in my garage with the door 1/2 way open, so that may have had an effect on things. It'll take some getting used to.. man, it sounds like a frickin corvette with exhaust/cams/headers. I LIKE IT! On the freeway, I can hear the low rumble just a teeny bit... probably not at all at higher speeds. I have a feeling I'll be setting off a car alarm or two in parking lots..
  5. I found this on a BMW forum I'm on. I almost wish I had an extra set of fairings to do this to a bike. Apparently this is actually a carbon weave and not just vinyl: http://www.bimmerfest.com/forums/showthread.php?t=340684 Neat! I wonder how it'd look if I wrapped my hard bags (which are currently silver and look a bit out of place on my asphalt black viffer)...
  6. Function wise, the Nuvi doesn't support routes or tracks. That's kind of a bummer for sure, but I'll survive (for an upcoming trip, I will likely just save several "favorite locations" and make them function like route points.. maybe name them 001, 002, etc... when I reach one, just tell the GPS to navigate to the next one. Of course, I'll have to make them close enough that the route I want to take is the fastest route between the two points. As far as water protection, carrying a zip-loc bag to throw over it seems to be the recommend solution on advrider.com .
  7. I haven't tethered it. Seems to be pretty darn solid in the ram mount.
  8. Oh, and before anyone asks why I didn't get a Zumo.. the answer is: I've had the Nuvi for a few years now for use in my cages. No additional investment . I know it's not waterproof, but it seems to have no problems on the bike (in the dry at least) .
  9. I've got the VFRNess with the accessory relay and fuse box (which rocks) which was a great basis for the install. I disassembled a Nuvi cigarette lighter adapter and soldered on longer power leads, crimped on spade ends, then hooked it to the fuse box and a ground. I lifted up the gas tank and ran the power cable along some vacuum or brake lines, using zip ties along the way. Hooked the nuvi to a RAM mount - thanks to those who pointed out that you can get longer screws (M6x40 I think I used)? and use the RAM handlebar mount on the gas tank front screw down points. I also got a clutch lever RAM ball I use for my digital camera. Another little trick for those looking to mount a garage door opener on the bike - I installed a Genie Intellicode receiver upgrade kit ($50) on my garage door opener so I can use intellicode remotes. The kit works on any garage door since it just simulates you pressing the opener button inside the garage. The intellicode remote uses a small 12v battery. Perfect! I opened it up, soldered the button connections together (so it is as if you were holding the button down all the time), hooked the positive battery terminal to my relay and ran a small wire to a switch and then to ground. Press the switch and it's the equivalent of inserting a battery with the button pressed down so the garage door opens. Unfortunately I couldn't find a great looking button, this is all they had at my local radio shack. At least it's small.
  10. I'm not sure you can say that it's possible to have 'excellent results' with anything where working properly means you have no interaction with it. I've been changing my oil with various filters in all my vehicles for over a dozen years and I've never had any interaction or "measurable results" outside of "I suppose it's working fine."
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