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  1. Best $20 I ever spent! I didn't want to swap my stock exhaust either, but wanted more growl....I got it with a $17 craftsman drill bit. Smoked my cheap hitachi drill though! Oh well. I even did it with the caps on, didn't take anything off. I'm pleased with that mod and the map from cozye that i modded for the 06. I sent it to him so he could check it out, if anyone wants to try it out just drop me a line with your email address. Don't want to post it without it actually being dyno'd....it's a smooth vtec transition though! :thumbsup:
  2. I have them and I converted to Radar's Kit once I got over the drilling fear. Shoot me a PM if interested. Greg Installed So you're saying that you've got a set and went to this Radar's kit instead?
  3. I found these sliders online yesterday...anyone tried them yet? No drilling the reservoir! http://www.bikehps.com/acatalog/BikeHPS_On...r_Honda_19.html The VFR pic is fourth from the bottom.
  4. I've got the '06 with the pwr cmdr. I'm planning on adjusting your map per your suggestion. But what do you mean by:"Then just mimick what I did with the fuel curve on the dynojet supplied version from 6000-8000. Just smooth out the fuel curve."
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