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  1. Helped a guy riding an old Duc load up after he crashed and had a similar injury. They cut his boot off at the track, we helped him load up and he drove off with a bloody cloth wrapped around his foot. I'll keep my shark fin. As for the chain guard, where else am I supposed to keep all that nasty black crud between quarterly whore baths? :biggrin: Ouch! :biggrin: So the key is not to crash. Check. :cool: :cool: I still think Ill leave it off. I saw one for sale made out of carbon fiber once. If anyone knows where I can get one Ill put it back. For me it is just WAY too much plastic on the back of the bike. Its a motorcycle not a snap together Revell Model. On the note why is it soooooooooo freaking hard to get any parts for the VFR made out of carbon fiber? Are there any carbon masters out there that can make me some parts? I know it won't add any speed I just like the look. And foe-carbon doesn't cut it. I'm in the process of making custom parts for the VFR and other bikes. What you ask?? :dry: :huh: :dry: Cant tell you right now but as soon as I'm done Ill post.
  2. It isn't easy (for me). I completely tear down the bike when I wash it. All plastics off, rear tire, chain guard and seat. Then about three hours with simple green a couple brushes even a tooth brush, wax, and armorall. Then put it all back together and a fresh coat of oil on the chain. The 1st time you really clean off all the oil and dirt it takes a bit of time and elbow grease. Once you do the initial clean the hard part is done. (side note Honda makes a great cleaner called "Honda Bright" safe to use all over your bike) They still and will get dirty and nasty. So you do it all over the next cleaning. Don't let the photos fool you. Most of us that post the perfectly clean bike photos are right after we spend all day cleaning them and haven't ridden them. :angry: But I grab a rag and some cleaner (Honda Spray and Wipe wax) after almost every ride and do a little touch up on the sprocket, swingarm and rear rim. It takes a extra 5min but well worth the effort.
  3. On a side note I just installed a Pilot Power 2C on the rear. Anyone using that tire? Any feed back?
  4. Here is a photo of it in better light. That's a good idea to remove the stickers. the one thing they do is make it look like a cool factory bike. :fing02: The guard Honda should have made LOL. But I do like the fact I could mod it while retaining the function of it. I think I'm going to order a new one and try my original design.
  5. Sorry I didn't see that. I used a drill for the corners and a aircraft air saw my brother had at his hanger... I don't know the name of it but Ill find it out. The blade went a LOT faster than a jigsaw. but a jigsaw may work? Ive tried jigsaws in the past and they haven't gone fast enough and seem to rip more than make smooth cuts in plastic. It was a lot more work than I thought it would be. My original design was a lot more complex looking but soon found out it would be way too hard. I may order a new one a try it again. But as you can see the cuts are rather close. You want to make sure it is a tool that you use you have good control over. Otherwise you may end up with one big cutout lol!
  6. Again does any one know what the "air glide" was for? Other thank looking bad I can't figure out it's need. Is it the appendix of the vfr? :laugh: :laugh:
  7. No kidding :fing02: it is a easy mod with a good look. I thought I was the 1st :cool: but guess not lol. I can't believe Honda didn't do it from the get go. The factory guard is so ugly :blink: I think this should be a factory look. hopefully we can start a trend :fing02: I say the weight reduction must add at least 5hp :fing02: :laugh: :laugh:
  8. Thanks for the great feedback! I know the Corona stickers aren't everyone's flavor :fing02: but I had removed every badge on it except the Honda logo on the tank. I felt it needed some thing. Here is a photo of what the mod looks like when you look down at it parked. I like being able to see more of the chain. On a side note I removed the air glide (I think that's what it is called) does anyone know why it was on there to begin with? In case your wondering it is that ugly piece on the underside of the swing arm right before the rear sprocket. I think It cleans it up with it off. Also the nice thing about my mod is my size 14 foot can still rest on the chain guard allowing it to do it's job. I didn't remove any plastic where I need it. I still need to do a little finishing sanding but so far I like it.
  9. Well got sick of the normal look so did some cutting. I had just installed a new chain and sprocket and wanted to be able to show them off more. Also went up two teeth on the rear sprocket. I love it!!!! What do yo think of my mod? Like it or hate it? :fing02: here is one close up. and one more just because I love my bike :fing02:
  10. Yeah that short range light is what I want back. I don't feel the light I gain in distance was worth the cost of my short range light. Before I did the mod I had upgraded all four bulbs to Piaa bulbs. Not cheap but HUGE difference in light. Long and short distance light. Im going to go back to stock wiring for now..
  11. The Low is supposed to use the reflector, but since the H4 highbeam is still in the same bulb, shouldn't that still project to the same place, just brighter? That is what I thought but there is a drastic difference. I think it is the location of the filament within the bulb. it doesn't use the reflector correctly. I thought Honda was crazy for not doing it from the factory but now i "see" why LOL
  12. I did the mod a while ago and must say I liked it better before. The problem is the low beam filament is designed for the reflector. I found that with my high beams on I loose the light directly in front of the bike. With my low beams I can see the road nice and clear (Pot holes other road hazards) but when I put on the high beams I get a dark spot about 30ft in front of the bike. Lots of light way out but not where you need it in my opinion. Im going to set it back to stock wiring and install a set of HID in the low beams. just my .02
  13. WOW AWESOME!!!! Only one question.. When do you think you will have a 6gen option?? I must say that's just what the Dr. ordered. MORE POWER!! :fing02: :laugh: :goofy: :biggrin: :biggrin:
  14. HEY THATS MY BIKE!!!!!!!!!! :rolleyes: :salesman: :salesman: Wow this is funny, I bought it off of ebay and LOVE IT! Now Im reading the mods forum and I see my bike! I dont know what system it is. I need to figure it out because others have asked and I would like to know. To be honest I thought it was the dumbest thing ever when I first found out it had a remote start. But I LOVE IT! I use it every time I ride (No joke). To answer what I do know- No it will not start if it is in gear or with the kickstand down (I could just see my bike riding off in the the sun set by its self because I sat on my keys and started it while at dinner :joystick: ). Once you start it it will run for 5min unless you put in the key or press the start button on the remote. I love being able to walk out of the store and start my bike 100ft away! Yes it is mostly the "cool" factor but truth be told but I feel it's the way of things to come. Maybe not remote start but key less start for sure. Maybe Im just lazy :goofy:
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